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Trying to protect my plants

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I have a cat who thinks all of our houseplants are his litter box. We've tried a covering of rocks over the soil, but he just dug out all the rocks to get to the dirt and then dug in the plant and went to the bathroom in it. We're currently trying to find any solution to this, as we absolutely want to have plants, and can't find any way to keep our cat out of them.
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I use this product and it works like a charm! I have over 30 houseplants, some of which are in very large pots. The cats don't dig in the dirt any more!
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There is also some type of sticky tape that you can place around the base of the flower pot which repels them. I never tried it but saw it at the store.
I gave up with plants - didn't have the litterbox problem, had the sitting in it and braking the branches or flinging soil everywhere problem
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Kind of radical, but what about having individual plant pots on individual shelves just large enough for each pot, with no room for a cat to land? It does work unless the plant trails leaves low enough for the cat to pull on it.
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You could mabye try putting chicken wire over the top of the pot....around the plant. Unless they are eating your plants as well- then all you can do is move them up and out of reach....Or try using bigger rocks? Thats what I ended up doing....at first I used smaller rocks...then had to go up to rocks that were the size of peaches. Just a thought. Sticky paws I don't think would work so well as you seem to have an issue with the soil...sticky paws is more for solids, walls, furniture etc. Sprays I would be careful of that they don't hurt the plants.
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I put pepper in the soil. My cats hate it they don't go near them.
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