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Kumbulu is missing in action!!!!!

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Send A Search Party!!!!!

Kumbulu is missing in action!!!!! Me mate is gone!! I don't know what's happened to her! Has anyone heard from me little cobber lately? Is she ignoring me? I think there is something strange going on! Someone please HELP!!!!! Something fishy is a foot!

:disturbed: :disturbed:
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I've been wondering about her, too, Leslie. Although it has only been a couple days, so I don't think we should call the police to report a missing person just yet.

Maybe she's really busy with those baby kittens? I'm wondering how they are doing....

Kumbulu come back!!!!
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I hope I didn't hurt her feelings or upset her when I merged her two threads with the pictures of her kittens...I just thought they would be better off in one thread instead of part 1 and part 2. I haven't seen her since I did this.....now I am going to worry!!!

Tania! We miss you!!!
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I'll bet she's up the tree with that cow trying to get some milk for her coffee!
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Well, she has been online because she read the PM with the Secret Santa assignment. Maybe she is just too busy w/ the kittens to come into the lounge right now?
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It wasn't me this time, Leslie! Maybe we'd better get Sherlock Holmes on the case!
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valanhb I am worried!!!! It's unlike her to go missing.....doesn't she love us anymore???
Maybe she's really busy with those baby kittens? I'm wondering how they are doing....
Maybe.......but they should be getting easier to look after (if there is such a thing) Were is she???

Debby I don't think it would be because of that!! Mine got merged too and it's fine! WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! what are we going to do?

dtolle That's good news! When did she do that? perhaps she is busy trying to make a card then?

lotsocats The cow said she hasn't seen her either!!

Jeanie G. Are you sure you haven't been up to your usual mischief??? Perhpas you scared her with the snipes??? Get Sherlock Holmes Quickly!!!

The strange thing is that she hasn't been answering my emails either!!! Maybe I have upset her? Maybe she doesn't want to talk to me anymore?

:disturbed: :disturbed:
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I sure wish she would post here, so I could put my mind at ease that I didn't offend her by merging the threads. I'm sure that's not it, she surely wouldn't leave us over that.....but I did forget to PM her and tell her I was doing that, I just posted in the actual thread that I had merged them for her.
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Maybe she just went out of town for a couple of days or something. Or maybe she is having PC troubles???
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Debby Don't worry I am sure it's not cause you merged her threads. We all love you anyway!! Us Aussie Sheilas love all of you!!!

Jeff24Girl Last time I spoke to her we were going to hook up the next day on MSN and I haven't spoken to her since! I know she had an middle ear infection and wasn't feeling to well but was okay when I spoke to her last! What to doooooo!!!! Now let this be a lesson to all of us.......No disapearing without telling us first okay!!!
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Leslie, Just in case her feelings are hurt, although I doubt it, would you e-mail her and tell her that Debbie is worried and that we're all concerned about her absence. In the meantime, I'll ring Mr. Holmes, or run on down to Baker Street!
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I will send an email right away, thanks for going to get Mr Holms!
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Phssst... is Kumbulu a cat or a person!??!

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Well, Kumbulu's alter ego is Tania. I feel reasonably sure she's not a cat, because she eats something called "vegemite," which looks like tar. No self-respecting cat would eat that, do you think? But she's a nice person. We'll have to find her. She's Leslie's cobber, which, I have been told, means good friend and partner in hoodwinking (a)Mericans. (That's us, of course!)
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Ahhhhhh Jeanie G I do love you and your wicked sence of humour!!!!!!!
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My question, my dear Leslie, is: With good taste like that, why do you continue to.....Oh, never mind; as long as you're happy!
p.s. I like your sense of humor too.
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