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Update! Help! Read Me!  

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This is in regard to my earlier thread titled "Please Read This Urgent Appeal For Help!" about those twelve cats from France who need homes. The cats will be in the U.S.A., so please consider this further appeal.


Thank you so much for reposting Helle's message.

All 12 cats are still ok, although some days I hold my breath. They are scheduled to arrive in Los Angles around the middle of May. Right now I still need foster "hosts" for 5 of them. A wonderful woman here in the LA area will be taking 4 for as long as necessary & one in Las Vegas will take 3 on the same basis. I would dearly love to get maybe 2 more people out here to do the same for the remaining 5 but at the moment it looks as if the best bet is to get a number of folks who'll take 2 for a couple of weeks & then pass them on to the next.

So we still need hosts, but ideally within ferrying distance of Los Angeles.


As Pam has already made public her electronic-mail address in connection with this ongoing appeal, I shall reproduce it here: Please contact Pam as soon as possible if you can help these cats. Thank you!

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This would have been ideal had I still lived in Ventura Co California. However now that I am way over here on the East coast I am not much good. Unfortuanley I don't know anyone cat friendly enough there. All my cat people are here. I hope you can find someone else to take a few!!
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Can they contact cat rescue organizations in CA?

Here's a few links and I'll email them to Pam as well. (CA groups by county)

And this is a list for specific breeds rescues, in case they have any purebreds:
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I just wish I lived in the States so I could help out in looking after the remaining cats........

I wish you all the luck with finding foster homes
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Thank you very much for sending those rescue contacts to Pam! I'm sure she'll appreciate your help, as will the cats. If I hear more about those cats, I'll let you know.

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