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Cats and bread, what is it??

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Am I the only one out there, that cant keep a loaf of bread out??

I have one cat in particluar, that LOOOOOOOOOVES to tear my bread apart.

What is it, with cats-n-bread??
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I used to keep mine on the top of my fridge on a cloth mat. One of my cats jumped up there, hit the mat which slid forward and she fell off. On the way down, she slammed her mouth against the counter and dislocated her jaw. I didn't see it, but found the mat & bread on the floor and cat with jaw askew. Most expensive loaf of bread I ever bought (thank you emergency vets).

I store mine in the microwave now.
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When I was kid we had a cat that loved tearing open the bread bags, shredding the bread but not eating it. We would even put it in the cabinets, but he figure that out too.
Solution, use a bread box.
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The cat that is eating the bread, was she or he a stray?

I adopted a stray female up in New Hampshire, named her MiaMia and brought her home.

I have never seen anything like it. She didn't know what cat food was, didn't know what chicken was, didn't know what hamburger was, but you could not leave a loaf of bread within 500 miles of her, but she would be in it and at it.

When we ordered delivery pizza, we couldn't get her to eat the cheese, she ate the crust. Only the crust.

We finally figured out that she had been a stray so long that the only thing she could find to eat was bread. It took her a year and a half to realize that the big bag of stuff that made noise was NOT the vacuum cleaner, it was the bag of cat food.
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Nope-shes my cat She really doesnt even eat the bread, she just LOVES to tear the bag open and nibble at it. lol...
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Our cat Beau.. Destroyer of all bagged bread products is on the prowel 24-7. All our bread and muffins have to stored in lockup. If you forget the alarm usually sounds about 3:00 am to a ruckus of bread being raked apart. Myah is in charge of the toilet paper.
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We've had bread shredders in the past.

Aristotle hasn't paid any attention to the regular loaves of bread. He prefers croissants - the fresher the better.
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Yup - Whiskers used to love to beat up the bread! And I remember once he snatched a piece of pizza enroute to my daughter's mouth by making a quick and mighty leap in the air and then disappearing into the living room under the couch with it. My daughter was quite small at the time - it was hard to keep from laughing when she was so upset (till she got another piece)! Löki and Jacob don't bother with people food, and don't "beat it up" either!
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None of my cats bother the bread even when it is out of the breadbox. But on the days that I bake bread, Lucy will constantly lick my hands for the rest of the day as I can't ever quite get rid of the dough around my nails.
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Trout just eats the breadbag..:censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: plastic eater
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8-Bit is an all around carb addict. He's eaten the following: Bread, puffed wheat, rice chips, popcorn, and cheese puffs.

Also, he's destroyed several bags of flour and rolled around in them.
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How about honey on grainy english muffins? Is honey ok for kitties? Charlie licked a little off my finger (weirdO)
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Bobber will graze on Hamburger and hot dog buns (just a bite or two out of each)along with bread. That's why I bought a breadbox!
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Claire loves bread and will go bananas for a piece, only if it is soft though, toast it and she wants nothing of it. Then again, Claire will eat anything she can get her paws on...

Misty doesn't like most human food and I don't let Pepper have anything as she is only 10 weeks old. I'm sure she would eat whatever I gave her though! She's all over me to see/taste what I've got!
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