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Fip, Beware!

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My precious baby was suddenly taken from me yesterday morning. I'm so devestated. Sandy Angel Fuli mun was only three years old when she passed. I remember seeing her laying on the dining room chair on Monday. God, she was so pretty. The way the sun shined on her beautiful off-white coat. I picked her up (with ease, a very unusual thing, as she hates being held) and she lay in my arms for about a half hour. She would stand there with her head down and her butt in the air. My family was wondering "What could be wrong?". We rushed her to the AER Monday night. The doctor thought she had FL, but the results came back negative. Well anyway..she went into respiratory arrest early Tuesday morning. The vert managed to revive her but shortly after she went into cardiac arrest and was too far gone. I beg you all, please, have your cats tested IMMEDIATELY if they show any signs of being sick. They will only live for a matter of weeks with FIP. Don't let them go like my Sandy did.
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i am so sorry for your loss. i know your pain. she was a beautiful kitty.
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It is so hard when our beloved pets die so quickly. We don't want them to suffer, but when they go that fast, we're just overwhelmed. Yes, FIP is very dangerous, but even if Sandy had received the vaccine, it might not have prevented your loss. Please don't feel responsible. God bless you and ease your pain until you see Sandy again.
Some information:

FIP - The Enigmatic Killer

What is FIP?

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a serious viral disease and is almost always fatal. A specific virus of the Corona group is known to be the direct cause of FIP.

The exact method of infection is still a mystery. The FIP virus is a mutation of another virus called the feline enteric coronavirus (FECV). The FECV is quite common among cats but usually causes no more than a mild respiratory infection. Only cats that get the FIP mutation will have the fatal FIP.

There is an FIP vaccination available, but its effectiveness is still under investigation.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. It is hard when they go without warning, but as Jeanie said, at least she didn't suffer.
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My heart goes out to you at this time. Your fur babe had a wonderful life with you, and you are NOT responsible for her passing. Sometimes there are no answers for us, but know that you did what you could for her and now she is running and playing at the Bridge.
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I am crying as I write this. My 4-month-old kitten, Mollie, was diagnosed with FIP today, and tomorrow morning I have to take her in to be euthanized. The vet says her liver and kidneys are not working properly. It happened so fast! We got her just ten days ago, and she was the sweetest little orange kitty! She purred every time you touched her! Within days, she suddenly dropped almost half her body weight and became very dehydrated and lethargic. Right now she seems to be going downhill pretty quickly.

Even though we've had her only a short time, I am taking this very hard. I've had many cats, and have lost a few over the years to different illnesses. For some reason Mollie really got to me in a short time, and it's extremely upsetting to let her go. For my new husband and me, she was our first "baby." She would've grown up to be a very beautiful and loving cat ... perhaps the best one I've ever had. I am grieving for the years that we DIDN'T have with her.

We don't know how she got FIP. I know she had been spayed the day before we adopted her from the Humane Society. I am suspicious that the surgery somehow made her vulnerable to the virus. Why do they spay kittens at such a young age these days? Ten years ago, I remember vets always waited until cats were six months old before doing this surgery.
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jules, I'm so sorry you lost Mollie. It doesn't take long for love to develop, does it? Sometimes there's a close bond from the beginning. There are varying opinions on the right age to spay. Viruses are rather unpredictable, so I certainly would not blame myself. We will mourn with you, and eventually, the right kitten will find you. Ask your vet how long you should wait. Of course, just to be sure, you'll probably want to dispose of Mollie's toys and bed. God bless.
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Jules, my heart goes out to you. Dealing with loss is never easy, especially with one so young. Cherish the last moments you have with this little one, and know that you gave her happiness and joy in the short time you had her in your life, just as she gave you happiness and joy. She will be healthy and playing at the Rainbow Bridge, your little angel.
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jules, your post about Mollie is extremely sad and I am so very sorry about your loss. It's really obvious that you gave little Mollie a lot of love and a good home during her last days. Keep Mollie alive in your heart and cherish your happy memories of her.
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