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The welcome home greeting

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Is my cat the only one who does this?
No matter what time of day I come home she greets me at the door. Our couch is right next to the door and when I come in, there she is standing on her hind legs, scatching the couch, shaking her but. I call it her welcome home hula dance. If I don't stop right away and pick her up she will ignore me for the rest of the day. It does not matter if my hands are full or anything. I MUST stop and give her love.
Does anyone else get greeted like this? I love it but sometimes I have to use the bathroom when I get home. Even then, its give her love then use it. So far no accidents
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Zoey will ALWAYS greet me at the door no matter what. If she doesnt I get worried lol. In fact, she greets everyone haha. She is a champion headbonker. Saki always saunters in a minute or two after her and just lays on the floor in my way
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Maia is a shy one but she usually does unless I have problems with the key....then she starts to think it might not be me. Back when my kitty Chleo would see me through the window and start meowing, by the time I was in the door she would be right there!
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Portia has to come running in to tell you all about her day - She starts quacking away until you answer her

Diesel demands to have a tummy rub, although I have to say this honour is more for my DH than me
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Bob is my welcome home I missed you kitty. After the dogs are done dancing around he runs over, looks up at me and gives me a hearty MEOW.

As soon as I head upstairs to change into some comfy clothes he must follow me upstairs, jump on the bed and tell me about his day. He meows and chirps as he tells me all the missed goings on at home while I was away.
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Pepper, Scooter and usually Fluffy will greet me at the door, with a rousing chorus of "feed me, I am starving" and Pearl will chime in from the end of the hall. I get home from work well past their dinnertime, and they HATE it.
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Sometimes they wake up and will come out of the bedroom to stare sleepily, with sort of the expression " Oh... you were gone?"

Tomas will brrr, but he's always brrring.
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Dulcinea knows the sounds of our cars...and when she hears them...she runs to the window and sits on the window ledge and brrrrrrurs and brrrrrrurs...and then makes a special low level meow. When we come in, she rubs against our legs welcoming us home and then follows us with much glee into the kitchen for her meal or treat.

Dulcinea's most favorite time all week in Saturday afternoon when the groceries arrive. She jumps in ALL the bags...until she discovers her food, Fancy Feast and Fancy Feast Medleys. She looks further for presents for Dulcinea (Eeek Mice are her most favorite). She likes weekends best because we're home WITH her. She gets extra playtime...and much more attention all weekend. Also, Dulcinea gets fresh litter and her litter boxes washed and cleaned. She also gets to 'help' with the weekly cleaning of the approving of everything and attending all the 'rites' of washing and being the first one to walk on clean floors and 'break in' the fresh litter boxes. LOL She LOVES weekends!

Fr. Gregg
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I've got a welcoming comittee of 4 noisy kitties Everybody but the old persian is sitting waiting at the door waiting for mommy to come in once they hear the truck pull in lol. They're all talking a mile a minute, telling me about their day, and the 3 kittens will all try to climb up my legs if I don't stop and pick 'em up one at a time and give them a kiss and a bumpat lol
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Isn't it so cute how our babies like to greet us, and all in their own unique way?

Penelope greets me at the door every day, unless you come home "early" and she is still having her late-afternoon nap! She goes into the laundry room (right off from the door) and flops over for a tummy rub.

Maverick typically does not greet you at the door, but waits at the top of the stairs, unless he is hungry! He is a scaredy-cat so I think he waits til he is sure its own of his parents arriving!
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It's so lovely!

Villy greets me when I come home, with lots of meows and she follows me around and I HAVE to give her fuss. Sometimes she's still asleep when I get home but she appears pretty quickly.

I get more of a welcome home from her than from my fiance!
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i have about 5 cats waiting for me at the door when i get home . but the best one is forest , she just seems to know when im about to go to bed , she starts chirping at me ( never mewos) always chirps and jumps on the bed then dosnt leave me alone for 30 mins or so , then settles down and goes to sleep. she does this with my S/O and myself , we normally go to bed at different times. but she never does it with the children even though they ador the cats.
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Usually Jeremiah will be near the door when I come in. Then he'll run back to the bedroom, hop up on the bed, and I have to love on him. If I don't, he'll get very miffed and ticked-off looking. Sometimes my hands are full or I have to take off my coat or something and can't get immediately to him. Then he plays little cat games and ignores me when I am able to pet him. It can get to be a bit of a see-saw game!
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We have a HUGE window in our front room and there's at least 1 kitty and sometimes 2 waiting in the window for me when I get home from work. I love to come home to see them waiting for me.

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Yes this is true, my kittes know when I am coming even before I open the front door.
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Cello who lives with mom knows the sound of her car before she is in the drive-way. He runs to the door and cries so LOUD. He is more interested in sneaking out then greeting her. LoL

I have to hold Benson when DH comes home. He is happy DH is home so he can escape to the hall. Molly & Lucky wait patiently for DH. They then follow him to the hall closet for the removal of shoes. They then run to the bedroom for belt time. They have this routine everyday and nothing stops them, even food.
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