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Please HELP!

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Hi everyone!
I am new here.
I have a 7 month old kitty named smokey. Lately I have been noticing SMALL amounts of blood in his stool, Which my vet said was not something to be concerned about. Just about 15 minutes ago however IUnoticed a small bit of blood on my white carpet...Remebering seeing a small drop the other day I became concerned, thinking he had injured his paw pad or something to that effect. I went to clean the litter box and his stool was normal (as usual) with a small amount of blood on the outside. Concerned the blood on the carpet was from him, I check his anal area. There was a streak of blood (I would say 1tsp) On his anus and surrounding fur. After wiping the blood A little bit more (1-4 drops) was there about 2 minutes later. I can tell this is not an anal prolapse, But I am not really sure what to do or think. He is acting completely normal and wants to play right now! He is eating, drinking and seems to be his normal self.
however, I am EXTREMELY concerned.
Is this somethign he should be taken to the emergency vet for now?
I just checked his anal area and it is free of blood.
Please help!
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I do not know what to tell you could be wrong.

I am sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for you though.

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I think if Smokey was mine, I'd be getting him to the vet. If nothing else, it will put your mind at ease to have him checked over. Hopefully, it's nothing serious.
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If the blood were flowing freely, I would say take him to an emergency vet. If your vet says its fine and is not offering an explanation to you about why it is fine, I suggest getting a second opinion. My only experience with what you are describing was a cat with colitus, caused by stress. You at least need to know what is causing this so that you can respond correctly.

Poor baby - good luck and keep us posted please!
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Since he's acting fine otherwise I would probaby make an appointment with a second vet and have them run a stool sample check and maybe some bloodwork.
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