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You guys have gotta check out this Monster Kitty I took in yesterday from two old ladies!! He is a Beefy guy! He came with the name Blaire, but I have been callng him Salisbury, or Bear, or Moofy, or Mr. Chunks, or something similar. He weights 23 lbs! Luckily he is naturally a HUGE cat, big frame, long body, wide and long legs, etc. So he only needs to lose about 6 or 7 lbs and will look a lot better. Suprisingly he doesn't have a ton of hanging skin. He is about 6 years old we are guessing and in bad need of a dental. I know I can find him a home real fast. Luckily he is already neutered so I don't have to worry about that. The adopter has to get him in for a dental asap in order to adopt him. I already had about 4 people email me interested. The huge males always seem to be popular. He is a big cuddly sweetheart!

Mr. Pudgey!

Check him out standing right next to the toilet!

Little fatty lump on his face, but still cute!
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Oh my gosh!! What a big 'ol teddy bear he is! I love him!
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He is gorgeous and he looks so much like my tiny Missy girl!

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Originally Posted by MyBabies View Post
He is gorgeous and he looks so much like my tiny Missy girl!
Aww! What a sweetie!
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Whoa!! He's huge!!! Good luck finding him a good home! He's like the LH version of my Cow....
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You know, after looking at him, and then looking at Harley- he makes Harley look like a kitten again!
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Aw, he is adorable. They must miss him
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He is a cutie. I love his coloring and his sweet, grouchy face. Good luck in finding him a home.
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He is so sweet. I used to think Scratch was a little heavy, but compared to him she looks like a supermodel! I love big kitties though. Hopefully you'll find a good home for him!
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He's a tiger! I lof big kitties.
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Ohhh..he's not that big. Okay, well he does look a little big next to that toilet!
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He's just has the look of a big cuddler, till he gets up and lays on your chest and crushes the breath out of you.

He'll have a new home in no time.
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He isn't that big (compared to Scully when I got him )

He does look a lot bigger that Scully does now (at 21lbs) when next to the toilet though
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I have a friend who lives for extra large long haired fluffy cats. Her biggest is close to 20 pounds and her vet doesn't think he needs to lose weight. You're right - there is something about big fluffy males that attracts some people.
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Whoa, he is huge..he looks like a big cuddly boy
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