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Diagnosis Diabetes

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My cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes. He is now 13 years old, recently lost a leg to osteosarcoma. The vet says some cats recuperate from this disease. We are currently giving him daily insulin injections (very small dosage). Our questions are:

1 - Do these injections need to be given at the same time every day or can they vary 2 - 3 hours?
2 - Which glucose monitors are best and easier to use?

Thanks for your help
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I have a diabetic cat myself. The injections are small here too - just 1 unit - but they need to be given as close to the same time each day as possible. It's pretty important. As far as glucose meters, I'm sure you'll get a variety of results when searching for the best. We have an accuchek (I think that's what it's called), but we haven't used it because I'm not sure how to get a good blood droplet for the meter. Maybe we can find out together.
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