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Dear Friends,

Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes just 1 minute READ this message and to FORWARD to your friends, but can truly save more than 500 cats in Barcelona (Spain). If you have time, you can also TRANSLATE to other languages and FORWARD to your friends. Thank you in advance.

In Barcelon more than 500 cats live in the area where construction of the high speed train route between Barcelona and Madrid will soon begin. They live there because it is where people abandom them and where they suffer from cold, hunger and mistreatment. The city council of Barcelona has done nothing to resolve this problem. Public work projects have been the cause of killing many abandoned cats in the past and we want to avoid another massacre. The city council of Barcelona has ignored our petition to do something to save the cats and the local media sarcastically claim that the cats live happily along this route and that are other, more important things for the local council to discuss.

PLEASE HELP and sent this protest letter along with our petition to the following address and tell the city council of Barcelona that, "My family, myself and my friends will not visit Barcelona if the City Council does not save the cats living along the route where construction of the high speed train between Barcelona and Madrid is to begin.

Contact Barcelona Mayor

Contact Catalunya president

Best Regards from Barcelona / Spain