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That would have to be the time my mom and I drove from Memphis to Harleysville, PA! OMG I thought i was going to die! It was a nightmare! I was locked up in the car with her for 21 hours because she drives sooo slow and wow- this was before we had IPods (It was before i could drive so i didn't drive technically). To make matters worse- we don't have turn pikes or anything like them here in the south- so when we got up north we had no idea what was going on- we almost hit hit by a huge semi because the guy driving was talking on his cell Uhhh NEVER again!!! On the way back from PN to Memphis I had a massive astmah attack when we were driving through the mountains (the different altitudes made me really sick) so that was no fun eithor. Lets just say we never drove again Aside from almost strangling each other- 21 hours is just too much of a drive...especially when the driver is scared to drive on the interstate I swear she went about 20 miles an hour the entire time / After that we flew / And now there's no need to fly there anymore since my sister and her family moved back down last summer

Other than that though- i've drove from Memphis to Texas, Oklahoma, and Alabama, and Florida with other people many times- those aren't bad drives
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probably to Colorado. It's so beautiful there.
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I suppose it was from NC to New Orleans for Jazzfest and back. Such a great trip!
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I drove from Jacksonville, NC to Kansas City, MO. We were moving, and I had Fred with me in his carrier. I made the mistake of drugging him, and every so often he would wake up and freak out. We got to Nashville at 5 o'clock, and he chose that time to escape from the carrier and start running laps around my neck. I was terrified, but managed to get him back in his carrier and through Nashville without further incident. Then we moved from Kansas City back to Augusta, GA. I had Fred and Leo with me for that trip.
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The furthest I've gone in a car with someone else driving was from North Bay, ON to Vancouver, BC (my ex-bf was driving)

The furthest I've driven myself was accross the parking lot at the shopping mall, trying to learn how to drive
(I don't actually have a driver's license )
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From Melbourne to Adelaide in Australia. A worthy trip for those who love great scenery!
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From Vancouver BC to Ottawa Ontario, but I was very small so don't remember it! Apparently it was quite the trip travelling with two small children in the car!
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Dallas, TX to Orange County, CA. 1500 miles.

My mom drove from Ancorage Alaska to Dallas Texas with my aunt! Yup! DROVE.
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Hmmm, I think mine was from Bellingham, WA (up near the US/Canadian border) to Tempe, Arizona. It's about 1600 miles. It would have been better if it hadn't been in a Penske moving truck.
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I can't even begin to count the times we've driven from Kansas City to Chicago - 9-10 hours each way and been doing that a couple times a year for the last 15 years. We know every last rest stop and restaurant along the way. The worst drive was Christmas eve during an ice storm - took us 20 hours to drive that night but made it to MIL for Christmas morning.

Also did a few trips between Chicago and Houston (20 hours). Another couple of times between Kansas City and Utah / northern Arizona.

The longest trip one way - probably Chicago to Tucson - I'm guessing it was over 30 hours drive time.

The most interesting trip: Kansas City to northern Wisconsin (wedding), then over to South Dakota (another wedding the same week), then out to Denver. We flew back to KC from there. We were in the car for days and my butt hurt when we were done.
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When I was a kid, maybe 11?, my parents and I took a 2 week road trip vacation during the summer.

We started from Detroit, went as far north as Sioux Falls, SD, all the way to Salt Lake city, UT, as far south as Durango, CO and back. We were in a new city every night.

Personally the furthest I have driven is probably from just outside Buffalo, NY to the border of Maine (maybe Portland?). I can barely remember as my driving shift started at 5:30 am and ended around 10 or 11 am.
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When I was 10 years old from Dayton Ohio to Southern California... And that was way to far, I hate to ride
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When my son was two I drove him from Lakewood,Ohio to San Diego, California in a U-Haul truck. Took four days because he was being potty trained and had to go nearly every two hours. I would love to drive across country again someday...but will probably have to wait until I retire.
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