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What's the farthest you've ever driven a/in a car?

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For me, it had to be when ex husband and I drove from California to S. Carolina...........route 40 goes all the way across!
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In a car... probably about 5-6 hours to South Dakota to see family, on a bus... about 8 hrs to Chicago for my Senior Class Trip.
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The farthest I've driven is from CT to FL. It's about 1500 miles, took me 23 hours. I did the entire driving myself, didn't stop for rest, only for gas and to use the bathroom. I think that was the most tiring thing I've ever done. I'm doing it again this year too.
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Birmingham to Dallas and back!
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When we drove from Moose Jaw, SK to Victoria, BC... that was the longest car trip EVER! Longest bus ride is probably from Moose Jaw to Edmonton, AB. The eight hour trip there and back was well worth it. I love Edmonton!!
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When we moved down here from up north, I think it was about 8 hours. I can't remember though, this was like 13 years ago.
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18 hours.... it was a nightmare. He meowed the whole way and I thought that I was going to go insane.

EDIT: I just realized that the thread title was how far have you driven, NOT how far you have driven with a cat. My answer made no sense.
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here in europe.. 24 hours.

In australia probably 2 days?
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From Ottawa to the Maritimes..It was about 19 hours.
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From Salem Ma to Jacksonville NC - and back again!
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From Seattle to St Paul (with a MIL I could barely tolerate).
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from Ottawa, on to Texarcana in a 18 wheeler (my brother drives the big truck)
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Well being that we have to cross Texas to get anywhere...depending on which way we're going of course...but from here to El Paso takes a whole day. So we've driven from here to Cali...two days altogether. Then we've gone in the opposite direction to Tallahassee, Florida...another long haul. Oh yeah, and we've driven up to Denver a time or two...lots of fun...I LOVE LONG ROAD TRIPS!!! wonderful photo-ops!

Hilda >^..^<
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6 1/2 hours to Brighton, horrible!
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I think about 14-16 hours is the most. Maybe a bit longer on a trip I don't remember so well. I hate being in the car that long! 2-3hrs is ok. Anything over that I just wanna wiggle my nose and be there already!
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Me, personally? Chicago - about 6 hours.
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From Green Bay, WI to: 1. Syracuse NY 2. C-ville, VA 3. Virginia Beach, VA
4. Whatever city Iowa State University is.
In the mid 50's when my Dad was in the Air Force he drove from Central Wisconsin to Elmendorf AFB Alaska.
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Before I started flying out there, we would caravan the team out to Ohio from Denver - a 24 hour drive time. We'd take 3 days out, 2 days back, and cover over 1200 miles. It was a blast!

I also went to school in Nebraska, and would regularly drive the 8 hours home and back by myself.

ETA: Just remembered the big trip we took as a family vacation one year. Drove from Ft. Collins, Colorado to the Outer Banks/Cape Hattaras/Okrakoke and Cherry Point (where Dad was stationed as a Marine and where my sister was born), North Carolina. In July. No air conditioning. Towing a camper. 2000 miles. I think I was between 5th and 6th grade, and my sister was between 8th and 9th. It was actually a fun trip.
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Cleveland to Myrtle Beach! used to go every year
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I don't drive, but I navigated across Europe from London to Bucharest in Romania once and back again a month later, it took 4 1/2 days each way and I think is about 1,200 miles. My navigational skills had our group getting lost on the autobahn through Germany, one of the most easily navicable, easy, and direct highway systems in the world I am not going to be put in charge of a map again for a very long time
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From Toronto to Chicago to New Orleans. Probably about 26 hours ( but we stopped in Chicago, then Memphis for a night). Great trip. Did it with my close friend, about 10 years ago.
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Road trip from Georgia to California with my best friend. Took us about 4 days.
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From here(the middle of nowhere) to Chicago...8-9 hours....the worst 8-9 hours of my life....like 8 times!!! Gosh....I hate traveling in a car...if I ever stopped vomiting to see anything that would be nice.
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When I moved out here to Tucson, I took 8 days to drive here from Concord, New Hampshire. We stopped every night in a hotel where we had NO reservations, were never turned down, never paid more than $50 a night, had a swim in the pool, dinner and slept in well for the next day. I left New Hampshire on Memorial Day weekend 1993 ( dear God how stupid) and got here in Tucson on June 3rd. EVERY road we traveled had "Construction" signs on them. When we finally got here it was 112 and that was the year that they had 90 days straight of 110 and over. I thought we were going to die.

I don't know if I could do it again, but I have never regretted doing. I had the time of my life.
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From London, England to a village in North Poland, so 1600km and it took us about 2 days (via ferry to France)
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does a motorcycle count? from cleveland ohio, to vancover BC , to new york city back to cleveland we were in no hurry, took over a month
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From Miami to Jacksonville. (6 hours)
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
if I ever stopped vomiting to see anything that would be nice.
I hate travelling for that reason.
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The farthest I've driven in a car is 1878 miles from Traverse City, Michigan to Salt Lake City, Utah. That was when I moved here. I had my two teen aged daughters with me and I did ALL the driving myself!
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From Central NYS to Puget Sound, WA...after I got married and moved to my husband's house, put my home on the market.
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