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Do your kitties roll in dirt?

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Marbles (the kitty that came w/the house when we bought it) rolls in dirt. I've seen her do it in the summer, makes since, cools her off. She does it in the winter too. I just took this pic. You can't see ALL the dirt with pic, but trust me, she's covered in it. Then she pops herself on my bed and cleans herself. Where does the dirt go? ON THE BED! Non of my other kitties do this. Do yours? Why?

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Cute photo! Both Elora & Mia are strictly indoor kitties so no they don't. However...Mia loves to just 'lay' in the stuff as I'm sweeping! Silly kitty...takes me twice as long to sweep...but I love it...and her

Hilda >^..^<
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When I take Scratch for walks in my backyard on her leash, she'll roll around in dirt like it's the greatest thing ever. I hate it when she does that because she is sooooo clean and has the nicest, softest fur and she goes and ruins it!
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Sibohan has gotten out of my parents house a couple of times (before I moved out on my own) she went straight for the wetest piece of soil she could find. One time it was dirt mixed with gasoline (she didn't appreciate the instant dunk in the tub she got) Boy did she reek!
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My cats all have done it if they've been outside. I try to brush it off with my hands a bit before they go in though.
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All of them must go to the veg garden and proceed to roll around in the dirt!!
Oh joy!!! Funny they don't like to roll around in the snow though!
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Yes our kitties roll in dirt. If you're a calico it's perfectly FINE...but if you're Charlie whos pure white... he turned maroon the other week. Our neighbours are doing renovations and im assuming where he picked up his lovely pink/red colour from lol
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When Sho was younger he would sneak out and run right to a patch of red dirt, he'd come in pink. And this was how he got ringworm!
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The cat used to live behind us used to absolutely love rolling in the dirt!!! He could never run across our back yard without rolling in every patch of dirt he could find.... He was a funny boy He was always filthy, so we would brush him regularly (he always came to visit us!), and he would just go and roll in the dirt again

Stumpy if she goes outside loves to roll around, but she just likes to roll, not specifically in patches of dirt
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Yup! I have caught mine doing that on more than one occasion.
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Neither of mine have ever been outdoors in their lives, but knowing them as I do I would say given half the chance...

Radar once tipped up a roasting tin full of olive oil and tomato juice (it wasn't still hot, thankfully) and rolled in that. Fortunately he enjoys water so the wash-down afterwards was not traumatic, and I got the juice off before it had a chance to stain his white fur. Does that count?
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My cats are all indoors so they do not roll in the dirt.
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Smudge likes to "escape" into the garage and runs and lies down and rolls in the dirtiest spot he can find!
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No because my animals are all indoors only
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Fred loved to roll in the dirt. We lived in the country and had a circular dirt sriveway. I seemed like it was just Heaven to him.
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Mine just love to roll in the dirt, especially in the spring and summer or when they get home from the vets. They know we get mad at them for that but they also know we love them anyways.
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All of mine do and I think it's wonderful how they enjoy it.
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