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if my cat gets outside will she come back?

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she always seem to try to get outside im so scared she will get outside.do they come back if they get out?she seems to like it here
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Some will, some won't. We obviously can't tell you what your specific cat will do

If your cat gets outside, there's the possibility that she'll get hit by a car, picked up by someone who thinks she's a stray, or just lost since she doesn't know her surroundings. So even if she does like it at your house, try to make sure she stays inside.

I have 2 kitties why try to run out the front door when I get home. One of them runs into a nearby garden, and is meowing to get back in within a minute or two, so we generally let her have her fun. We take both cats on walks around our townhouse so they know the smells and where home is, so if they do manage to sneak out when we're not paying attention, they know where home is.
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I'm a big believer in putting a cat on a lead and harness and taking it out until you are sure it knows its way back, even for an indoor cat, in case it ever gets out by accident, and they do.
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I have heard that you should take your indoor cats outside (leashed) so that they can smell their area and learn what their house looks like. As Sarah said, then hopefully, if they got out they would know where home was. I did have the experience of finding a "lost" cat in my condo complex a few years ago. The whole series of townhouses were built around a U shape. There was a posting for a missing cat that had gotten out of a townhouse. A few months after the posting I started to see a cat that fit the description outside my patio - I called the woman and she said "no, our cat never came home." I described the cat and she started crying - sure enough, she came over and started calling and her kitty showed up! She lived on one side of the U and I lived on the other. Her poor cat could not find her way home. So maybe it does make sense to acclimate a cat to their area around the house!
Fortunately, we had a happy ending!
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