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High Cholesteroal Anyone?

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Well I got my blood test back from the dr. and my cholesterol is 225!!! I think it's from the half and half i put in my coffee. 3 to 4 large cups a day 7 days a week . So I have switched to tea with fat free milk , also while eveyone was having pizza for lunch is was sitting her eating a "healthy" meaning 0 cholesterol soup. Anyone out there have any suggestions as to what I can eat that actually has some flavor to it ?
This is making me crazy, grouchy and bunch of other not so pleasant things . Thanks for any suggestions
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Mine is higher than that, but my good cholesterol FAR outweighs my bad cholesterol, so my doc told me not to make any changes.

Excercise helps, and from what I understand, eating oatmeal regularly helps to bring your cholesterol levels down.

Did you do a fasting test? What was your good cholesterol count vs the bad?
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What is a fasting test? I don't remember my good versus badnumbers I'll call the dr. next week and find out.
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Normally when they test your cholesteral they test you not to eat before you go in. Atleast they did me. That way whatever you ate doesn't send it out of what as your food is digesting.

I have also heard oatmeal and exercise. Try to cut out overly fattening foods most of the time. Its ok to indulge once in a while.
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I have terribly high cholesterol. I take lipitor and eat lots of oatmeal and I TRY to exercise more.
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Mine was 265, and in 5 months of diet and excersize, I got it down to really does help!
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I just got back from my doctor and here we go again. Mine is 185 or at least it was six months ago. Probably lower now. But now they want your LDL lower than 100. I see this. Can you imagine the medical comunity and big Pharm in a room talking about If we can just get everybody on this 50 dollar a month medicine? We'll make billions overninght. Show me one person that has LDL less than 100 that didn't just complete the Tour de France. There arn't any. I think it's a scam. When your talking billions of dollars in proffit somehow the truth gets turned around.
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Neil's on Lipitor. He doesn't like oatmeal though. I do!!
But not that fake instant stuff which is mainly sugar. The steel cut oatmeal that takes a while to cook. Very yummy. I have lots left over to enjoy for 2-3 more days. Watch the fatty meats like beef and eat more fish like salmon.
Sometimes like the commerical says it can be genetic. We have a friend who works out alot, his weight is good, eats well and he had high cholesterol.
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Yep, sometimes it's just genetic and all you can do is control it so it doesn't go skyhigh. My hubby has high cholestrol too, and he's skiiny, eats healthly and gets plenty of exercise.
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Hubby was told he had a high sholesteroal content but he forgot he ate before the test. So if you ate do a fast and then have it tested again.

Some things I made him eat were fish and pork.
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If you don't mind the taste of vinegar, take a tbsp. per day. The vinegar helps.
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I've had high cholesterol off and on for years. My solution though isn't for everyone. I have a big improvement when I eat a high protein, balanced carb diet...when I don't eat this way, triglycrides are through the roof, hdl falls and ldl rises.

I do think that salmon oil capsules have also helped as my last hdl was awesome...first time I'd ever call it that, it was in the 80's
hdl is high density lipoprotein aka "good" cholesterol, ldl is low density lipoprotein aka "bad" cholesterol.
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last my cholesterol was checked it was at 240. High cholesterol can be genetic also. My mother has high cholesterol and is everything a Dr would like to see in a patient as far as diet, no smoking, or drinking. She is a very tiny petite woman.

I was prescribed the statin drug for it but I don't take it. Oatmeal and niacin are supposed to help lower it. I have been doing that.
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My mom's cholesterol was also high...oatmeal, celery and grapes I believe is what she's used to bring it down...but I"m not too sure about the grapes, might have been apples instead.

The hubby also had a little problem with it last year. He did the oatmeal for breakfast thing since then and at his last checkup his cholesterol was down a whole lot!

Try the oatmeal!!!

Hilda >^..^<
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