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Our furnace is out... and it is COLD!!

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It is currently 45 degrees F in our house right now. The furnace stopped working the day before yesterday. The HVAC guy is coming sometime this afternoon to fix it.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to share is because all six of my husband and I's cats slept with us on the bed last night... we all cuddled up in one big pile! It was very sweet. Kitties are very good at keeping feet warm!
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I hope your furnace is now fixed and you are much warmer!!
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Warm kitties are the best!!! Did you get your heat back on?
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My heat went out a few weeks ago too and it certainly wasn't fun. I also had a pile of cats and dogs on the bed with me, I like to think they slept there because they love me....but no, they just wanted to use me as a heating pad.
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I hope you and your cats are staying warm.
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Perhaps you could get an oil-filled electric radiator heater to keep as a spare for times like this.

It heats up a room very well.
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That unfortunate about the furnace. This has happened to me a few times. It always takes so long for the repair man to show up, plus they give you an arrival window time of about 8 hours. So you have to sit around in a cold house waiting for them to show up.
Isn't it a wierd feeling when there is no heat at home. Sort of tomb-like. Unnatural.
Cats do make good heaters. Plus they have the advantage of having a permanent fur attire!
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We got it fixed... $250! Apparently, we don't change the filter often enough since we have so many cats. Since the filters were clogged, it caused something else to stop working correctly and they had to replace it. Everything is much warmer now and back to normal!

We had one space heater, but I kept it in the birds' room because they are much more sensitive to low temperatures than the rest of us. I was fine with six kitties around me and two down comforters on top of me. I'll miss warm little fuzzbutts tonight, though... usually only two sleep with us.
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Glad that you've got it fixed. At least you have a furry pile of kitties to keep you warm in ermgencies.
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I'm glad ya'll got it fixed! Also- next time you pick up filters- get the Hepa ones. They are excellent if you have animals/allergies!!! And they last a good while too!
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