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Stray kitten

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We have a stray kitten outside our apartment and other cats as well. We have been feeding them and giving them water. The stray kitten had teeth problems and I have been spraying some her mouth for infected teeth. I don't know exactly what you all call it, but it safe. Anyway, I have been doing that since last Friday and I stopped spraying her mouth on Wednesday because she does not like and she tries to get away. Since I have been stop using the spray on Wednesday she now doesn't come to me when I feed them nor she comes to me and play like she used to. I was wondering if anybody knows when she will get over this spray fear and plays with me and when I call her she will come. How long will this fear last? I don't have cats in my house and never did. Never had experience with cats. If anybody know about this let me know. I'm kind of worry that she will not come to again when I want to play with her nor she won't come when its feeding time
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Well if she still comes back to eat after the spraying your in good hands, remember, she could have ran off if she didnt want to come back, but the food especially will always make her come back.

You could try bringing a thick shoelace outside so she will chase it and hopefully come close to you. Pure catnip or deli turkey may make her come up to you, she will definetly smell those and be interested, and the plain turkey can be a special treat. And cats LOVE canned food, they quickly learn to come over once they hear the can open enough times!

Basically as much as you want to treat her teeth, it wont help if she is scared of you and you cant touch her anymore, so no more cleaning. (if you can get her to a vet for a teeth cleaning or exam thats good) In a few days she should "get over it" and trust you again enough that you can hold her.

Did you ever try brushing her gently (her body), alot of strays like the back of their neck brushed, that's one of their hard to reach spots.

Also kneeling on your knees will make you appear smaller, and less of a threat.

Give her time I think she will come around.
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Well she lets me pet her when she is lying down. When I pick her up she tries to run away, but she doesn't she seems scared she lets me pet her. When I put some food down she eat few and runs off and hides from me.
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If you can pet her thats great. I dont know if you should try to clean her teeth or not again, i'll let other people post their opinions.

Good luck!
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thank you for trying to help that kitten.

never heard of kittens having teeth problems.

how old do you think she is ? what makes you think she has teeth problems ?

are you seeing something in her mouth ? i'm confused...sorry.

what are you spraying in her mouth ?

and here is hoping some more experienced people see this thread
so they can help you.

thanks again for being so nice and helping this kitten.
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