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Siamese Fetching?

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Do Siamese and other Orientals in general play "fetch"?

I ask because Miew Miew whom we think has that Siamese
Oriental gene thing going .... well, she *fetches* In particular
a silver necklace that we play with at bed time (looks like a snake
and she's a real snake hunter I discovered... )

She wants me to pull round the bed, then I throw out the door
of bedroom, and she runs and fetches it back to me. Drops it near
me with a "mrrrrrp" and look that says clearly "throw it again!!)

She's a very sweet but different cat from what I'm used to. V.
needy of me. Hates the cold. (Doesn't like going out right now,
fur is not sufficent. Likes the heat, LOL.)

Anyway, this plus her fascination with water (and apparant lack of concern
when she *does* get wet by slipping into tub etc.) are different. I wondered if it was something Siamese and other Oriental types do? (Cause really its VERY dog like. My Boxer owning friend says she's just like his boxer, LOL)....
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Over the years I have owned many Siamese. Most of them loved to fetch bring back toys for me to toss for them. Two of my 4 do that now Its a daily game with them. I do think that it a Siamese trait to like to play fetch if they learn this at a young age . I have always encouraged mine when they where kittens to play fetch and most did catch on quickly and really enjoy it. Its great exercise for them.
Yes they do hate to be cold.Mine wouldn't go outside for more then a couple of minutes when its cold.They cover themselves up when they want to be warm. Often I fine them way down under my covers sleeping.They lift up the covers and wiggle down under. Mine all hate water though!
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Mika doesn't, but Bijou brings his mouse and will drop it literally on your feet so you'll throw it for him. If I go into the kitchen while he's fetching it, he'll follow me in there and drop it at my feet and stand on my leg to get my attention. My Siamese, Susie, from many years ago also loved to play fetch.
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Viola my siamese mix loves to play fetch. She will bring you a toy and wait till you throw it. Not very patiently I might add.
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Yep, many of the oriental types seem to fetch a lot more. Rexes are another top "fetcher" - had one boy who would wear YOU out in fetching toys to throw.

Charlie is a good fetcher (or beginning to) - he's got the aby and siamese in him that created the breed
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Wow! See she sounds like the kind of cat you guys own, LOL...

Well, really she's probably only partly Siamese (think Oriental shorthair x DSH and you get the picture of what she looks like - I thought she might be a golden bengal cross but the color red isn't in the breed really. I was told by Golden Kitty she looked like a red mackrel tabby, except of course for her pointy wedge face and snout, an those small but very alert ears, LOL. and cute over bite...Definitely profile is one of Oriental. Possible she has Havana Brown or something like any rate, definitely the Siamese / Oriental side of the house!!)

The one thing makes me think not Siamese is that she doesn't meow loudly AT ALL. In fact sometimes I wonder if she can meow at all! When I've heard her meow it was quite soft. She has only ever used chrirrps, mrrrps and other vocalizations on a daily basis with me.

She also burrows under covers when she wants to be warm!! She likes to grab my legs when she wants to play (to let me know!) without using claws, and I've on occassion been awakened with her gnawing on my wrist (gently) to get me up, LOL. As if she's saying "about time you woke up to play with me!!"

And she also loves jumping up on the fridge top now. Or the range hood, where she sometimes hangs out, LOL...Good thing she only weighs in at about 5 lbs!

and then there's the fetching.... she only does it with the silver necklace and only at bed time... sort of like that's the "time" to do it, LOL. Dunno why she doesn't do it with other things, but seems the necklace or a string are "it" toys for her!! (And yes, she's gotten me snakes 2 x now... she REALLY digs them, LOL...)
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Talking or lack of talking doesn't make it a siamese type - my rexes varied a lot in talking - some sounded like siamese, some very quiet. I go more on body type if its a siamese/oriental in the background
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Radar loves playing catch and he has Siamese in him whilst our Oriental Blue (Sonic) does nothing but play fetch- which can be a bit of a pain at three in the morning
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But Radar isn't just part Siamese, he's part Siamese and part Cornish Rex and part DSH. He only plays fetch with certain things, his favourite toys, he drops them at our feet to be thrown for him.

Sonic on the other hand - he's a purebred Oriental shorthair and he will play fetch with ANYTHING - till receipts, cat toys, really anything he can pick up and bring to us. I am woken every morning by him dropping something on my face and then dancing around on my shoulder waiting for me to throw it for him. When he brings it back he waits for me to hold my hand out palm up and he will drop it in my open hand. He will hold it in his teeth waiting for me to hold my hand out, but if I take too long he will drop it on my face again.
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We learned that our Siamese kitten Ohanna could play fetch when she started playing with her little ball with the bell inside in our bed. My husband would get frustrated because he'd have to get up in the morning so he'd throw the ball out of our room into the hallway. Only for Ohanna to return it in excitement for him to throw it again. She'd only do this between 2-4:00 a.m.

My husband one night pretended to throw the ball but actually hide it under the covers. She ran in the hallway and couldn't find it, then came back to bed looking for it. Talking all the while. My husband and I felt so guilty. It was so sad. She probably looked for 4-5 minutes. I gave it back to her and the game of fetch commenced. It quickly looses its cuteness at 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning.
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The DH will be working at his desk upstairs and the cats like to lay behind his laptop, in front of his laptop, on his he throws a toy down the stairs to get rid of Clio and Sam for a bit. Works like a charm, but of course they come back with it to do it all over again. Silly Siamese, silly DH.
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Originally Posted by jean-ji View Post
The DH will be working at his desk upstairs and the cats like to lay behind his laptop, in front of his laptop, on his he throws a toy down the stairs to get rid of Clio and Sam for a bit. Works like a charm, but of course they come back with it to do it all over again. Silly Siamese, silly DH.
If I threw something in your direction, do you think Sam would bring it to me? I can hope can't I!
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All the oriental types in my world have always fetched ....
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My Siamese boy Neko plays fetch, but only with certain things. They have to be the right weight (mouse weight) and have some sort of scruff to them so he can carry it so it hangs and swings with some weight. His two fetch toys are a minnie kush ball and a home made toy. I took a plastic baggie and filled it with those half marble things that you like play Mancala with, then I wrapped it in bubble wrap so that the bubble wrap layer had a loose fit so you could pinch it and it had a scruff. i used a small amount of scotch tape to keep the bubble wrap on and there you have it his fetch toy. He can't be unsupervised with it though because I don't want him ripping it up and eating the marble things. my other Siamese does not play fetch though. Well at least not yet.
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