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Fainting Goats

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Anybody knew this breed existed? I was looking into goats and I ran across this.
I realy don't know what to think. I almost feel sorry for them.
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Yup, I've wanted a small herd of them for 20 or so now.
One of my fellow 4-Hers had them and I fell in love.

Very interesting breed.
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Oh they are sooo sweet the poor babies! We've got some pygmie goats down the road from us...they are ADORABLE! They have a momma cow in the pasture with them...and guess she's like a nanny cow or something...they're always around her...cute!

Hilda >^..^<
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The fainting goats crack me up. I hate how they've been made a spectacle of and people deliberately frighten then to make them freeze up - it must be scary for them, and probably hurts as well then they fall!

It still doesn't fail to make me laugh though unfortunately....
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I guess the problem I see with it is that people demonstrate the lockup. I read that some of the goats will try and lean up against a fence to prevent the fall. It's actually a genetic defect. At first I was disheartend that we would breed a genetic defect into an animal. Well I guess we do it all the time by getting a cats to have spots or a brown face. I was looking at the goats because I was wondering if having a goat or two would be a good thing if I ever get to Maine. I love the Ellen Degeneres comercial with the animals. Especially the one where she tosses the scap writings out of the typewriter to the goat.
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Goats are wonderful pets if you have the room.
A small toolshed can be converted into a fantastic goat barn for 2-3 goats.
You just need good goat fencing.
You can also collar them and use tie outs if you want some weed control in unfenced areas.
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I have heard of them. They are soo cute!! I think i saw them on AFV or something.
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They had them featured on "Dirty Jobs" one time - I think that show is on either TLC or Discovery Channel. That was really weird watching them falling over.
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