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So NOW we get snow

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Let me take you back a few weeks in time, when Rich and I were sitting around in Switzerland waiting for the snow to arrive (as we mad-keen skiers do every year). We sat and we sat and we sat some more but that snow just never showed.

Zoom forward to present time... we are literally snowed-in here in mid-Wales!!! It started snowing Wednesday night and hasn't stopped since. The police have closed off the roads to stop people driving and Rich has been skiing on the hill (farmer's field) at the other end of the village!

Talk about the impact of global warming
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Reminds me of my husband's cousins who visited us a coupld of weeks ago. They're from Minnesota which always has snow except for this year. They went to a part of Arizona which got snow for the first time in years.

Stay warm and enjoy the skiing.
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These things always work out that way! My sister was staying with me for a ten days around mid January. She would have killed for some snow, since she has left its snowed three times!
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Send some of it to Tenessee!!!!! I'd LOVE to see a big snow!
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Ew I hate snow!! Stay warm!
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We were complaining in January too as we hadn't got to try our new skis yet. Well, now there's lots of snow but it's been so darn cold that we don't want to go out!
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