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Rusty in his "bed"

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Here are a couple of thimbnail pics of Rusty in what he thinks is his bed, its a old crate we keep was cloths and towels in. I still think he is the best looking cat we have, but he won't stay still to get a real nice picture of him. He is getting to be a big boy also.

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What a sweet, sweet baby! Such a nice wet nose! Awwww

Hilda >^..^<
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Awww, he's really cute!
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He is very handsome! my kitties have a bed like that too.... except its my laundry basket full of clean clothes
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Awwww, his healthy little wet nose is the first thing i noticed. What a handsome little boy he is
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He's such a cutie!
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I wish there was a way I could show how big he is getting. He is a great kitty, but I think he would do better if he was the only cat here. I think all these other animals stress him out. He is so quiet and don't make any trouble that sometimes I forget he is even here. He got real sick when he was tiny and we almost lost him too [we lost two of his brothers when they were small] but since then other than shots and neutering he has never been to the vet. He is real friendly to me if he is in a room alone with me so others can't bother us, but out in the house he runs if I give him to much attention, I am starting to think he gets worried about the dog bothering him. I call him squeaky more than Rusty, he has a very high squeaky voice.
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