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adymarie - I liked the first two/three books of Memory,Tower and Storm series, but I was very disappointed by the ending.

Another author that I think has a great way of building a story only to throw the towel in at the end is Stephen King. Some of his books are just so good until you get to the end and it just lets you down. I know, most people really like him, so I will watch out for the eggs being whipped over my head.

Bodlover - although I have never read Midsummer by Shakespeare, the stuff I have read (mostly in school) was quite enjoyable once you got through all the thees and thous .

a_loveless_gem - I enjoy David Eddings too. My only problem, the books are too short!!! I wish he would dig in and give me more!!!

Myste - Hang in there with Jordan. I agree Book 7 was a bit slow going, and 8 it seemed like he just stopped in the middle of the book and sent it off to the publisher, but trust me when I say it, book 9 - Winter's Heart....dear god. The end will blow you away. I can't wait for Book 10.
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Jamie, You have given me hope with book 7 of Wheel of Time. I have been in the middle of it for a long time now.

Bod, I also read Mockingbird in school, I think the story is so moving and full of truth. I also love Shakespeare, although I liked the one with Beatrice and Benedict which Kenneth Brannagh made into a movie. And I can't remember what it is called!
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Beatrice and Benedick - was "Much Ado about Nothing" I think!! ANd yes - love it!!
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Yes! That's the one, I can't believe I couldn't remember it. I also thought the movie was brilliant.
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Indeed it was!!! and I had to think about it... try to remember the characters in his stories!! Its a looong list!!! :laughing: I alwasy love the names he uses too, esp. in Midummer Nights dream... Lysander, Demetrius (sp?!?),Helena, Hermia, Titania, Puck, Oberon.. etc (I wanted to call one of my puppies Oberon, but hubby didn't like it....sheesh!!!)
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7cozycats....I agree. I read "Where the heart is" and loved it, too! I also liked the movie, although the characters were different, the abused nurse wasn't even a black woman! But it was still good, just not as good as the book! (are they ever??)
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bren.1 - Keep going, I swear that Book 7 does get better, it has a decent ending. Book 8 is good, but feels too clipped, like I said kinda like he sent it off to the publisher before it was finished, but 9. Dear me. Book 9 is amazing. You can tell he is starting to tie up the loose ends, and the end is fan-freaking-tastic!!!

and bren and bod - I totally agree Much Ado About Nothing was a great film. I have yet to read the play, but one of these days I swear I am going to indulge by dream of reading all of Shakespeare's plays. I wish I could find someone to pay me to read things. I would be a happy camper. BTW, slightly off topic (sorta) I LOVED Shakespeare In Love. What a great film, with lots of inside jokes to some of his plays. Great movie. Anyhoo, back to books.

I think my second favorite series is certainly Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. I remember I joined a book club and got the first book 'Outlander' for like a dollar, and I didn't read it for a couple of years after I got it. Then I ran out of new reading and picked it up. I could have kicked myself after I started getting into it. It was great.

Another book that I enjoyed was required reading for my high school Psychology class: I Never Promised you a Rose Garden by Joanne Greenberg. It is this great story about a young woman who spends a couple years in a mental hospital. It is told from her point of view, so you get to expereince her thought processes. It is a great look into the insane mind. Also in the same class we read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Jack Nicholson was in a movie based on the book, think he won an award, not a bad movie, but the book was great. The authoer is Ken Kesey.

Sorry to prattle on so .
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Ok - I did something silly. I went to the book store during my lunch. The new Mercedes Lackey Valdemar series (book 25) is out. I collect this series in hardback. I just spent $35 Cdn on "Exile's Honor". I can't wait to read it!

she dedicates (and lists the names) of NYFD crews lost in 9/11 attacks.
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Any Stephen King
Any Dean Koontz
Any John Saul
Any Mary Higgins Clark
Any Jeffrey Deaver
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Jamie, Yes, where can I get paid to read. Talk about a perfect job.
And yes, Shakespeare in love was a great movie. Shakespeare used the English language like no other writer. I remember reading a few in high school. When I read him in college, I realized what he really meant in some of the lines. Oh my, talk about an eye-opening experience.
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I love Shakespeare. I thought I was the only one besides English teachers and professors. Hamlet was always my favorite, hence Ophelia's name. I still think that Mel Gibson's Hamlet was the best screen adaptation made. He actually got the comedic qualities in there that Shakespeare intended. And I was so impressed with Mel's acting ability, remember this was well before Braveheart and his "serious" roles.
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Ah yes... Mel.... wondrous isn't he!??! hahaha and he can act!! :laughing: Seriously though I agree Heidi, I thought he was excellent in Hamlet, and I just love the story!
One of my sisters has a huuuge book with the entire works of William Shakespeare in it... I keep trying to convince her that she wants to give it to me.... so far, its not working... :tounge2:
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I took a class on Shakespeare in college. I had to carry this huge book to class 3 times each week, it was a fifteen minute walk. But I kept the book, the Riverside Shakespeare. I thought Mel Gibson was an amazing Hamlet, too. Kenneth Brannagh's version was also good. I love his Henry V, the St. Crispin's Day speech makes me want to get up and fight.
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Read book 9 of WoT-still disappointed. Was better than 7 or 8 but not up to the quality of the first 6.

I'm now reading (listening to, actually) Lillian Jackson Braun "The Cat Who..." series. I love these stories, mostly because they feature cats!

Adymarie- Yes, the Fate series I call the Incarnations of Immortality series.
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Pat Conroy is one of my favourite authors, and the movies made from his books are not that bad, considering they are "just" movies. Most of his books have been made into movies - the prince of tides, the lords of discipline, the great Santini, the water is wide (movie was called Conrack). Beach Music was his most recent one, a few years ago, no movie yet, but I'm sure it will come...

Maeve Binchy, Belva Plain and Leon Uris are great for semi-historical American and British Isles/Commonwealth fiction. Older Stephen King I like, but the newer stuff is hit and miss for me. I liked everything up until the Dark Tower ones, then after that, only Dolores Claiborne and Bag of Bones really got to me - Insomnia, Desperation and the Regulators just made my head hurt (and my arms - my goodness those are heavy books!!). His wife Tabitha also writes great books, more mainstream fiction, and several revolving around several generations of one family.
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Julie, you didn't like Desperation or the Regulators? Those are two of my favorites!!
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The concepts were interesting, but the books were so long and drawn-out... for whatever reason, they just didn't hold my interest. I started them several times, and could never make it to the end. I did manage to finish Insomnia, but that was only because I was reading it during the holidays when I had lots of time in a row, and I kind of raced through the last quarter of the book to find out what finally happened.

They reminded me of those long, confusing, exhausting wacko dreams I have where I wake up more tired than when I went to bed.
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