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Tiger triplets!

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I LOVE white tigers.
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OMG they are so incredible, I want to hold one
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One? I want to roll around on the floor playing and cuddling with ALL THREE!
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WOW! They are beautiful!
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I hope with this breeding white tigers are on their way to being healthier, with less inbreeding to produce these beautiful creatures.

Ive read way too much on how these tigers came to be to be too overjoyed
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They are just darling..........
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Stunning........just stunning creatures
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Tigers are my favorite animals.

Though the siberian tigers are my fave out of the different breeds.

Cute boogers.
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Oh oh oh!!!! Look at mum carrying the little bubba in her mouth - how ADORABLE!

Look at the size of those paws!!!! :shock:

DH and I were at Dreamworld in Australia a few years back now, and they were taking a tiger cub out for a walk on a leash through the park, and it was the cutest thing! He wasn't even knee high

The little guy would walk about 5 steps, then plop down on the ground! They'd eventually get going, and he'd trot for a few seconds, walk a few steps, then plop down again! It was cool though, because DH got to have a photo with the cub
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Awww, I've always wanted to go there to see the tigers.

i saw something on Animal Planet called the Awesome Pawsome. i think it was 3 or 4 (I can't remember how many, lol) tiger cubs that were born and raised there.
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Beautiful tigers I love white tigers, however I won't be getting a tiger any time soon, I have my hands full with 3 bobcats and a cougar I have a friend who has a tiger however, but it isn't a white one.
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They are gorgeous
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wow.look at them.beauties!
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awe I white tigers, my mom heard about it and didnt tell me just sooo gorgeous
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