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The X-Files

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I noticed that there is a cat here named Scully, and I am wondering who is the X-Files fan?

Well, I am too. And I cannot be saved.

Mulder running

me running!

us hanging out by the pop machine.

Scully hanging out by the pop machine.
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Icklemiss is the one with a kitty named Scully.
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Now that was a great show!
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I wish they would play reruns of the X files...but I guess FOX either doesn't allow it or charges so much money for other channels to play it.

I finally began buying the DVDs. I miss Mulder
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lets see... where else did we see. . .

from the show

from our trip

I have all the DVD's. These pictures are from my vacation last summer. People as crazy as me from all over the world did our own personal tour of Vancouver.
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They are showing them on TBS some nights, though I haven't gotten the schedule down.

My husband got me into the X-Files. He insisted on watching it, so I had to. But even when he started skipping it (in favor of the computer), I kept watching.
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I LOVE the X-Files! I remember getting so excited every Sunday night for it. I currently have some of the DVD's in my Netflix queue. Mulder rules.
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My DH got me into the X-Files as well. I haven't seen many of the last few seasons, and we're yet to get those box sets. I preferred the earlier seasons with all the weird and wonderful things like circus freaks I got over the conspiracy stuff in the later seasons....
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I watch the X-Files everyday at 6pm, they still show them on the Sci-Fi channel. Im sure they are all re-runs but I still enjoy watching them
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Oh I love the X-Files! I don't have any DVDs as cat food eats up all my money. I never get to see re-runs, either! No cable for me here in the boonies....I seriously think I need to look into getting NetFlix of something....
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The people we got Scully from promised us it wasn't anything to do with xfiles, it is just that he had a big head and was skully that somehow over the years changed to a c I am not sure if I believe them!

I used to love xfiles but haven't watched it in ages
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i really liked it when David Duchovny was on, but didn't care for it as much after he left... i have books both about the series & novels set in the series, but with original stories. so i guess you'd say i'm a fan, too!
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My parents Boxer is named "Dana"........Dana Scully if you want her full name.
My brother was in love with Scully and named the dog.
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That's really cool that you did that tour!

Ooo thanks for letting me know about TBS Heidi. I'll look when its on.
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