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Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a feel good day!

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Just had to share!!!!!

Found a foster home for the three remaining kittens. They will go to Vet tomorrow morning and then on to the Fosterhome. I am just sooooooo relieved and very sad at the same time (for me- selfish ha?!)! I have been on their waiting list for months and they finally came through!!!!

Now they will have a wonderful chance for a loving home!!!! ....and I will miss them terribly. Hope I wont make too much of a fool of myself when I drop them off - crying I mean.

I don't know how you guys, that foster, do it since you must fall in love with all of then and then have to give them up eventhough its into a home.

It's a good thing that is happening and I really should not feel soo sad - right???

Anyway, please cross your fingers that everything goes smooth in tomorrow!
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That is very good news Helen! I know you must be sad to see them leave, but you know too that this is the best chance for good homes for them. Caring makes it hard to see them go, but caring is what is getting them good furrever homes. Way to Go!
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That's great. I'm sure it will be hard but they are going to good homes so just remember you should feel great for having done such a good thing.
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Helen, that is great that you have found the kittens a good home! it is hard to let them go, but they will be very happy at their new home I am sure.
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Thanks guys I needed that - It's been so emotional just trying to find reputable places. The horror stories I have heard OMG! This is a small organization called Cause 4 Paws, totally private and they have a live long return policy for the pets they adopt out and will keep an animal until a suitable home is found! How luck can I get!!

I still feel I am emotionally drained! Now it's time for Mom ! We need to catch her and get her spayed!

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Ok, yesterday the gang of 3 went to the Vet for the works and by this weekend they will be in their new foster home until they are adopted.

Oh boy this was harder then I though, leaving them behind I mean. The worst part was the way they cried at first, they Meow, but sound like a squeeky door and all three of them doing that at the same time -my heart was breaking. But I also know NOW they have a great chance for a new home.

Hey I did not know that orange tabby girls were a rarity and most are males.

Anyway please cross your finger and wish them the best of luck in finding a great forever home.
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They won your heart, Helen, and I'm sure they will win someone's heart who will give them a great forever home.
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Thanks - and Yes, I am sure they will!!!! I guess I am just a worryward at heart. Just hope that at least 2 can stay together!!
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Oh Helen, I'm so sorry I missed this earlier! You poor thing - as you already know, I'm going through something similar myself. I TOTALLY agree with you - how can anyone foster? I have ultimate respect for those who rescue, shelter and foster. I just don't have the emotional make-up for it. It's one thing to understand intellectually what's best, and it's another thing altogether to FEEL it.

Be Strong! You're doing great!

...and I also know what you mean about finding happy homes. Good homes. The "deal" we're making is that if the people who adopt "our" cat aren't happy, we want her back. !!

Keeping your kitties in my prayers - It'd be an almost perfect world if at least two of them could find one home together. The two we rescued from one family are best buds.


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I can understand how sad you are at letting them go, but it is to homes. I admire you, and everyone who fosters, for having the strength to do it. I would love to foster, but I don't know if I could do it.

It is true orange tabby females are rare, my orange kitty is a girl, and one of my friends didn't believe it at first. Until I told him she went into heat before she got spayed.
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