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Female Cat Spayed

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Hey I got my outdoor cat spayed yesterday and she got out this morning and went roaming is that ok?

Also I have this male cat that I have been feeding who the vet says will come back to get him neutered for free! but now he is chasing the kittens around for some reason. Even the boys. Why is he doing this. I think the 2 girls might be hin heat I am getting them spayed on free spayed day so i dont have to worry about the litters. But why is he chasing the males around they arent even dropped yet.
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Females are supposed to be supervised at least 2 days after being spayed, they can have allergic reactions and die, it's rare but can happen. Not to mention infection.

They should be boarded at the vet for those 2 days, or kept inside at home in a crate or small room to rest.

You need to get her somewhere safe for at least another day, away from any other cats.

I'm surprised your vet didnt say anything to you...

option#1-If a male comes by and the kittens are from another male, sometimes they kill them.

option#2- Sometimes males just dont want to be bothered by any other cat, so he tries to scare them away. Usually the kittens mom will protect her litter and hiss at any other cat to go away,especially males.

option#3- could be a form of playing

Mabye the kittens are almost mature and they are learning how to live on their own?
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