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How often do you wash your car/truck

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With this continuing cold weather (another 10 days per local weatherman!) both of our vehicle are pretty salty looking!! I guess if I ran out of salt I could scrape some from the truck or park it in a field for the deer to use a a salt lick!
I don't want to wash cause the water freezes right away and that is a really attractive look and I hate paying the high prices at some car washes.

I don't think the truck has been washed in a couple of months-the car was washed of course a day before it snowed.

To see a clean car this time of year is pretty rare!!
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I probably wash my car once every 2 months. I'm lazy.
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We wash the truck every week or so. Lee is really big on keeping his baby spotless.
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Ha! This is lazy:

My last lease the only time it was washed was right after I picked it up and right before it was turned in. I was ending the 3 year lease.

My current car has been wash once since leasing it. That was because it was too cold for the windshield washers to work and I could barely see out of the windshield. That was 3 weeks ago.
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My red truck is white with salt, but there is zero point in washing it until the threat of snow is over.

I usually wash it at the end of winter.
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In this cold, it is asking for trouble with doors freezing, ect....
I myself do not care to wash my cars, I don't know why but I just don't like to do it.
I only wash mine when I can't stand it no more or if bf does it for me.
(Actually it is not really the washing that I don't like, it is the vacuming.... )
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We washed our last car once - riht before selling it!
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We occasionally hose it down with the pressue washer just because we use it for work, but it is construction and no one really cares. It gets washed about once a month in summer and less often in winter unless it gets really caked with mud
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I don't wash mine at all..I think I have washed it once in the last 2 years My dealership washes it when I take it in for service.
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We actually just washed ours on that last NICE day we had(Tuesday I think) but I am worse about washing it, DH isnt, he likes his to be nice and purty.
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hardly ever!!
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With this cold weather, I havent' washed it since probably October. At my old job, I used to get it done every Friday- full detail, oh that was nice!
In the summer I wash it myself probably every 2 weeks or so, I like to keep it looking nice!
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I try to wash the car and truck once a month year round. I use to work at a car wash where we did everything by hand. SO cleaning it is second nature and I can do a good job quickly.
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Our cars get washed when it rains, and thats about it! Or for a wedding or a funeral. I figure with our cars, the dirt is holding them together!
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I prefer to keep my truck clean, but that doesn't always happen.
Given our climate though, I do make sure it gets washed and waxed at the end of winter (they salt the roads around here), and at the end of summer.

Given the opportunity though, I'd probably wash it every other week and wax twice a year.
My baby is 10 years old now and still looks like a new truck when clean.
I'll continue doing all I can to keep depreciation at a minimum.
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We've got 3 trucks and now Naomi's Tiburon is here too. The hubby likes 'his' vehicles clean so he washes them probably every weekend...actually we all get in there and help! They always look great! We've had my Ram 1500 since '02 and people still comment on it thinking its a brand new truck!

Hilda >^..^<
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DH is a little obsessive about clean cars - we exhibit both of ours at shows, so they are usually pretty shiney. Mind you, with the snow and slush and yuck on the roads at the moment, mine is pretty disgusting today!!
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My hubbys a neat nut when it comes to washing the salt off the truck. He uses the car wash at least 2 or 3 times a month! If it was me I would just wait for the rain LOL.
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Not for a while--the van has turned nasty brown from the salt/dirt they put on the roads.
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We have well water so unless we hook up the hose to the sink in the garage (a marvelous thing to have its a laundry sink) and mix with warm water the vehicles get all spotty. Its was a pain washing the truck last year as I had to be careful not to get the inside of the box wet cause I had landscaping material in it-but with the trailer the truck should be easier to keep clean. (the outside that is).
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Whenever it
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