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Wednesday's DT

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It was a much better night. I forced myself to stay awake until past 11:30pm. Figured I may end up sleeping better. It worked. Slept until 5:00am. The coughing started then but's an improvement.

I feel a bit better today. Going to my doctor's at 10 but suddenly I feel like I should have waited until the end of the week before calling him. Maybe by then, I wouldn't need a follow-up appointment. Anyways....better safe than sorry. Boy, I cannot wait to be back to my normal self. I hate being sick.

Well.....I have to get the boys ready for school.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Well I am very tired today. I went to the musical Mamma Mia last night. It was the 2nd time I had seen it and it is an excellent show to see, even if you aren't the biggest ABBA fan. Problem is I didn't get home until close to midnight, then the cats needed attention and then there was a vicious thunder and lightening storm that lasted a couple of hour. I finally fell asleep around 2 am and then Merlin woke me at 4. After some snuggles I slept until my alarm went off at 5:30 am. I really need a nap and it is only 9:15 in the morning! I am on reception again today, but I also have other work to do. This afternoon is a meeting. I may not be able to log in often for the rest of the week because I will be a special project, but I will check in when I can.
Ghys - I am glad that you slept better and definately going to the doctor is the best thing to do!
I hope everyone has a good day!
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Well, we are off to the doctor again today. Last week both kids had fevers/colds the whole deal. Then everything went away and everyone was healthy for a few days. Then last night....BAM, everyone w/ temps again and coughing. UGH, its so frustrating!! I am really hoping they can get on an antibiotic. I know if its viral it won't help, but something in my gut says they have something more than just a cold. Maybe an ear infection, or bronchitis or something?

So, its off to the doc, then hopefully to the pharmacy. When will everyone be better???????????????????
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Boy, the "bug" season seems to be starting early, this year.

I don't go to work, until 2:00 so I'm getting a few things done - gift certificate for Mark and Sam and one for my parents' anniversary.

Get well, everybody!
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Hi guys- its been a while since I checked in here. We moved this past weekend and just got internet yesterday, so I've been cut off from the world

The move went well- I'm still unpacking of course, but we've got all our stuff here at least. The new house is great, although since its a big old Victorian it needs to be 'winterized' a bit. Mostly we're just putting some plastic window shrink wrap stuff on the windows and getting mini blinds ( I was told they really help insulate?).

I have some very sad news about little Loco... The shelter was going to take him today, but when I called them yesterday they said they needed a copy of his neuter papers and for him to be Feline Leukemia tested. I thought it was all a formality until the test came out positive. The test usually takes 20 mins, but when they put the swab in the solution it only took a few seconds for it to turn bright blue They said that Loco was probably born with it and that by the test he would start showing symptoms soon. I'm wondering if the UTI he just had a while ago came on because of his compromised immune system Anyways, after a lot of crying and weighing of options we decided that it would be best to have him put down. I hope nobody judges me harshly for me decision- it wasn't one I made lightly. I held him and told him through my tears how much I loved him as they gave him the injection. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Onyx seems to be very upset, wondering where his buddy is. We're letting him sleep in bed with us to help him adjust to suddenly being an only kitty. Please keep poor Onyx in your prayers and thoughts, hes having a rough time with all of this
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Originally posted by Melissa
Anyways, after a lot of crying and weighing of options we decided that it would be best to have him put down. I hope nobody judges me harshly for me decision- it wasn't one I made lightly. I held him and told him through my tears how much I loved him as they gave him the injection. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

I'm SO sorry for your loss.....

Wasn't there someone who could have taken Loco?! He wasn't sick yet was he?

Sorry.... I don't know the specifics of Feline Leukemia is it like human AIDS??
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Oh Melissa, I'm so sorry you had to make such a hard decision. We know how much you loved Loco, and how hard you worked to find a good home for him. We also know the reality that it is hard enough to place a cat, let alone one with something like that. At least you know he didn't suffer, and was loved til the end.

(((((Melissa & Onyx)))))
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Melissa, I'm pretty knew here, but nonetheless, I am sorry for the heartbreaking news.

Daniela - how are YOU feeling?

Ghyslaine - better safe than sorry! Pneumonia is serious!

Adrienne - hope you don't catch a cat-nap in your meeting!

...and I've already spent way too much time here today. We've got a client (our clients are money managers) who's getting sued, and we're helping out with his stuff. Boy is it a lot of work, and it's the end of the quarter, which is always our busiest time anyway.

Keeping all of you people under the weather in my prayers. GET BETTER SOON!
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Ghyslaine, I'm glad you slept better last night. And glad you had a good time at the musical, Ady!!
Daniela, I'm so sorry to hear your kids are sick, that must be so hard to see them hurting like that, I hope they get some medicine and get better soon!!!!
Melissa, sorry to hear Loco had Feline Leukemia. Poor guy.

Not doing much today...trying to enjoy my last few days off with Amber (who is sleeping in her baby swing right now)
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Melissa - Loco new he was loved and was with his people at the end - that is the important thing. Remeber the happy times.

Couldn't cap nap at our meeting - there were only 6 of us there and it was lively and interactive!

Is anyone going to get the flu shot this year? I found it didn't really help me last year.
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Re: flu shot question - I'm scared of those things. We ought to ask our resident expert, Christy.
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My company is offering all employees flu shots free of charge, so I'll get one. I've only gotten it once before, and I didn't notice any difference if I got sick more or less. Guess I'll see how it works out this year.

It's a grey and dreary and cold day. I'm hoping to be able to get a couple fire logs so I can have my first fire in my fireplace tonight. Anyone have experience with cats and fireplaces? We haven't gotten a full-blown screen yet, so all it has is the pull across metal mesh thing. I'm a paranoid mommy, and don't want them going in to investigate too close.
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Cooper tried the fireplace.... she got real close.... felt the heat and ran...

Cat's aren't stupid!

(Just have to watch out for their tails... they might catch fire and the kitten won't know!)
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That's what I'm a little scared of - Trent's floofy tail! I think Ophelia will just curl up close to the fireplace and sleep. Trent, though, is kind of a doof, and not real graceful plus that fluff...I'll have to keep a close eye on that little boy! LOL
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Melissa, I'm so very sorry about the loss of Loco. It's alway a very difficult decision to make.

I have some family health news of my own to share. I was talking to my mom on the phone a while ago and found out my dad was hospitalized a few days ago with a minor heart attack. He is doing really well and is under the excellent care of a heart specialist from the Mayo Clinic. He had an angioplasty done at Mayo about 10 years ago, but there were also some very small clogged arteries that couldn't be treated. The doctor feels that this is what caused the current problem. My dad will be released from the hospital this Friday and is expecting to go back to work right away. Typical man!!!
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Lorie, how scary! Even a small heart attack is nothing to sneeze at. Go talk some sense into your father! LOL Yes, though, that is a typical man for you.
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Heidi, I know my mom will make sure dad does EXACTLY what the doctor tells him to do. My mom also said they will give him some medicine that will disolve the clogs in the small arteries too, maybe that medicine wasn't available a few years ago. I'm really glad it wasn't a massive heart attack!!!!!

The part that I think is scary is that my dad never even realized he was having a heart attack when it was happening. He told my mom he was having a cramping feeling, (he thought it was indigestion) and she took him to the hospital to be checked out.
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Today was a very HAPPY day for me. After 2 months I finally learned how to use my scanner to send an email. It probably isn`t the best or easiest. . . .BUT IT WORKS! I am pretty dumb when it comes to computers, and there is no one in my life who can help me I just muddle through! I will continue to play around with it and will hopefully learn more.
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Hey Tiggeytoes, check out the "Your Computer Questions...Answered" thread in the "Our super duper important threads" at the top of this forum. Feel free to ask anything on that thread, even if it's not at all related to posting here. There's usually someone around who can answer. We're here to help, cat problems or anything else.
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Thank you Valanhb,I will do that! Sometimes I feel like doing this....
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Thread Starter scary. Thank God your dad had enough sense to go get checked. Some men tend to ignore everything and the consequence is not a good one. I'm happy he is going to be fine. Tell him to relax and enjoy being off for a while.

Went to see my doctor today. he said my lungs are 'not bad' Seems to be some improvement. He has advised me to stay on the same anti-biotic. Everything I described to him is apparently a side effect to this medication: nausea, loss of appetite (not really complaining about THAT side effect), sore tongue (weird...) and diarrhea (yay!) So, in order to get better, I need to get worse first. But, on the bright side, I am finally feeling some improvement. I am still coughing up a storm. I curse at myself, cough some more, sneeze a little, curse a little, cough some more (you get the picture).

Another downside is that I have to take a puffer for the next couple of weeks. He tested the amount of oxygen that is in my lungs (I blew into some kind of contraption). I ended up with a score of 340 and it should be around 475. No clue what those numbers mean. Anyways...he thinks I may also have asthma. My dad had this. Last year, in July, I had lung problems and was on a puffer. I am getting tested again next week.

So once again, thanks for all the well wishes everyone. I think I am on the mend. I'll know tonight, if I sleep through the night again.

Heidi, we have a wood stove. Whiskers does not go near it. Mind you, we have doors also so it is not dangerous.But yes.....with a fireplace,I'd keep an eye on the tail.

Melissa, so sorry about Loco. But at least you were there until the end. Feel better (((Hugs))) for you.

Good night all.
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Glad to hear there was some improvement and you are on the mend, Ghyslaine! Get better real soon!!!!

Lorie...that is so scary about your dad!! I'm so glad it was just a minor attack, and nothing majorly serious. I hope he will take some time off to rest up and just relax before going back to work!

Tiggeytoes, don't feel bad...I have had a scanner since last Christmas
and have not yet learned to use it. (it is still in the box)
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valanhb...about that fireplace, I've had two different experiences with kitties and fireplaces. I know a Devon Rex, Kacey, (my bf's sister's kitty), who forgot about the heat and always had to sniff the smell and put his nose on the door. I've only seen it once and heard his wet nose sizzle and seen him back away from it and then settle down in front of it at a safe distance and sleep.

My kitty, Russell played around the fireplace where I used to live even though I discouraged it. But when the logs were lit, he felt the heat and decided not to investigate further and slept at a safe distance away from it....which incidentally was the same spot I would sit to read....:tounge2:

It depends on the kitties and I would definitely keep an eye on that floofy tail....or you could always shave it...

Melissa, I'm so sorry to hear about Loco. At least you know he didn't suffer and that he was loved and looked after in his life. Remember the happy times. *hug*
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Melissa, I just read about Loco and had to chime in and say how sorry I am for him. Poor baby. Was he actually sick already?
I'm sure you tried to do the best you could for him, only I know some vets sometimes advise people to put down cats that are FeLV or FIV positive or even what they call FIP positive (which cannot actually be tested for as such).

In case other people with FeLV or FIV positive cats read this thread in the future, I just wanted to say that there is no need to put down those cats. These cats can have years and years of good quality life ahead of them. It's sad that the shelter won't take them in, though I can certainly see their point - they don't want this virus spreading to other cats. What these cats need is to live either as the only cats in the household or with other FeLV positive cats.

Again, my condolences to you Melissa and I'm sorry for poor Loco. I'm sure you did what you thought was best for him as the vet said eh was already actually sick - not just a carrier. I just felt it needs to be explained for the benefit of other cat owners who may come across this thread looking for info about FeLV.

Check this article for more FeLV info:
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Thanks for posting such great information on this Anne, I think you may have cleared up some misconceptions that others may have had in the future.
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Yes, thank you Anne. I think you made a very good point how the cats who do have FeLV can indeed live a long and healthy life.

Thanks for clearing up the misconceptions!!
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