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Is kitty constipated??

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I posted a message about a week ago....My kitty girl adapting to new cats in the home. She is tolerating them but still not playing with them. I have another concern though..All the other cats are acting fine..playing, eating. Kitty girl..still being jealous and probaly under stress...can she make herself ill?
I wonder if she is constipated...I have been keeping an extra eye on her and she was pooping and peeing fine but I just watched her try to poop and nothing cameout (sorry for the graphic details) Her belly seems swollen a little, she does not seem jaundice...but she is a light orange/beige color..hard to tell. Should i give her something to help constipation? think I might take her to see vet tomorrow. I am just nervouse cuz the last time I was there the vet told us our dog was in liver failure and needed to be put down..I have a nagging feeling....but anyway, i wantd to be a little more educated before I went in.. with more intelligent questions to ask? any ideas?
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You could try a constipation/hairball remedy like Petromalt or Laxatone (available at pet stores), or a little canned pumpkin. But it's probably best to bring her to the vet.
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