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Cincinnati Zoo Loses Komodo Dragon

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On Feb 5, 2007 the Cincinnati Zoo lost a 24 year old, nine foot long female Komodo Dragon to an abdominable infection called peritonitis.


That's a shame, these are such beautiful and mysterious animals. I'm fascinated by them. The zoo had a great track record with animals and have bred a number of "firsts" in captivity but I'm not sure if they had plans to breed Naga with a male or not.

RIP, Naga.
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that sucks, i bet i even have pics of naga.
they are very cool to see in person, and much larger in person then they look on TV.
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When I read the headline I thought the story was going to be that it actually "lost" the dragon, as in the dragon made its way out of the zoo and was now somewhere ambling down a suburban street, looking for whatever tasty meal might present itself.

on a serious note, tis sad they lost the dragon - I find them (dragons, not the zookeepers) fascinating - watched a lot of shows about them on Animal Planet and National Geographic Channel.
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I usually hear of this from reptiles getting egg bound... I wonder why they didn't notice it? Normally it's obvious from the abdomen shape and behavior that a lizard is gravid.
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Hear is more info about Naga. I was mistaken, Naga was a male Komodo Dragon who has sired over 30 offspring. Apologies for the mistake.

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Oh, oops Maybe it was in the digestive tract then? Poor thing, 3 weeks of being sick.
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Aww, poor thing. RIP Naga
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RIP Naga
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