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Heartbreaking news story

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Tonight's local news here in Dallas featured a story of horrific animal cruelty: a four-month-old puppy used as "bait" in training pitbulls to fight, then abandoned by the side of the road and left for dead.

Thank goodness, the puppy was found by a good, kind man, and he is now receiving treatment for his many injuries, as well as for an untreated birth defect that has caused his eyes to swell shut. This baby knew nothing but evil in his first four months, and he's still in terrible pain -- yet somehow, his tail was wagging, and he was nuzzling his rescuer affectionately.

As I watched this story, I didn't even realize my face was streaming with tears... until my little grey Pearl came hurrying over to me, put both front paws on my chest, and gazed into my eyes with deep concern. Then she mewed and rubbed her cheeks against mine.

Bless her heart, she always does this when I'm upset, but usually it's in response to the sound of my voice. This time, she just saw the tears and came running to comfort me in her eager, wholehearted way.

I have never had a truer friend than my little Pearl, and I just wanted to share this example of her tenderness. Pearl is an angel straight from heaven. I don't know what I ever did to deserve such a gift.

As for that poor little puppy... I hope and pray that his life from now on will be as joyful and pain-free as we humans can possibly make it. Maybe you'll join me in sending some healing vibes to that little guy...
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i also hope that the puppy finds a good home. Along with they catch those that did it.

i think are pets understand are feeling better then most people give them credit for
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I'll move this to SOS
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I'm sending vibes and prayers for that poor little baby to recover and spend the rest of his life being lavished with affection.

I hope they catch the violent criminals who did this and throw them in jail for a very long time.
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