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Morty is a Bad Kitty!!

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I have a cat Morty and he is so bad. He is very affectionate and very aggressive. An oxymoron if you will. There isn't really anything he doesn't do. He bites, scratches, knocks things over, (you should have seen my BF woken from a dead sleep to a water glass being knocked over his head). He eats things he shouldn't (plants, plastic bags, threads, pieces of carpet, etc.) plays in the potty, bolts out the door when you open it, has my other cat in fear for her life from his aggressive playing (she has only one back leg and he trips her when she is running away and then pounces on her). And he's smart, he now can open the cabinets and get his food out, so we have to buy child safe locks. He climbs up on high things and doesn't want to get down on his own so he cries until you "rescue" him. He is neutered but he kneads your back and tries to make sweet kitty love to your back. I think the only thing he doesn't do is go outside the box.

And I would try and claim guilt for his behavior but my other cat is fine, no problem. I have a squirt bottle and he hates it, don't have to spray it any more, he runs at the site of it. Porblem is...he doesn't learn. He will be right back to his mischief two minutes later, soaking wet. I don't know what to do. I bought him a kitty jungle gym, numersous toys, I play with him too. He is healthy, he eats and drinks and uses the box regularly. He is just so bad.

I read all the sites about behaviors and I don't give him physical punishment. I have tried encouraging good behavior, as rare, as it is. I tried pennies in a can too. I don't like to yell at him, but I get frustrated. He doesn't seem to mind my yelling, "No Morty, No."

My theory is, I adopted him at 4 yrs old and his record showed that he was removed from a hoard house, "crazy cat house," by the ASPCA. I think that he was socialized poorly as a kitten. He is very affectionate though. He has to be by me all the time. I can't even go to the bathroom without him by my side and he waits on the rug while I take a shower. He purrs and meows and gives kisses when I make kissy noisses, (he learned that trick easy).

Anyone out there with advice or similar problem. I will never part with him, but maybe just a way to make life a little easier and stop the ridicule from my family.

I quote my mother," How are you gonna raise children, when you can't even keep your cat in line?"
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Sorry to say, but I giggled when I read your thread . I do feel for you though! Some cats are simply playing with to many marbles! For one thing, spray bottles usually have the exact effect you described, immediate displeasure and no explanation or behavioral correction. This is physical punishment, for some cats the worst! It sounds like there is not enough time to communicate with him because he is so hyper...... When this happens it doesn't hurt to be just as aggressive and firm vocally, possibly follow and pin him in, eye to eye "calm down, calm down" long, extended, medium volume, firm voice while hands flat, palms down, slowly bringing hands down. Be sure to have eye contact, otherwise they just run off.................... Overly physical behavior, it's not wrong to settle them down physically, like cat mom would, as long as it's not abusive! When we get a kitten, "mom" is not there to teach them, we have to.
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I have tried one thing that works a little, when he bites I take the palm of my hand on top of his head and "mush" him slowly and say no. It works for biting but he just scratches me instead. I am trying, I hope over time this will help.

He's 6 yrs old I was hoping over time he would calm down, but no.
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THis is my favorite Pic of Morty. It captures his affectionate side, but you can still see the mischief in his eyes.

[img] (not linked)
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He's a beautiful boy. But mean if I can say so... to trip a 3-legged cat just so he can pounce on her... the poor girl.

I have 2 cats and there is a 6 year gap in their age. Wickett can be very energetic to put it mildey which includes chasing and harassing Frankie till she hides upstairs.

When he gets too wound up I give him what I call a mommy time out. I've done it since he was a kitten and it seem to work for a little while. Of course, he's also pretty laid back when he's no spazzing out so if he struggles alot I let him go. But here's what I do. I'll scoop him up and go sit down with him. Once I'm sitting I'll hold him with his back against my chest one hand holding his pack paws and the other holding his front. Then I breathe deeply and deliberatly slow. Eventually (usually in 5 min or less) he's totally lax and calm.
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Have you been introduced to a cat on this forum named 8-Bit? Sounds like they could be twins. His antics are a big source of amusement to us. Welcome to TCS from a fellow NYer.
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It's funny with the water bottle, or the bad kitty bottle as we call it in our house. Morty has a white third eye spot between his eyes. I call it his third eye, my boyfriend calls it a target. (not to upset, we don't actually spray him in the face)
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If you want an amusing story, here is one.
We live on the third floor of a house in a renovated attic space. There are pidgeons on the neighbors roof only about a foot or so from our house. Morty likes to sit in the window and watch the pidgeons in the warmer months when the window is open. In the winter we have to close the windows cause it's too cold. Morty still watches the pidgeons but can't sit in the window cause the sill is to narrow with the window closed. He will sit on top off the half wall parrallel to the window. SO one day I was watching him and he pounced off the wall at the window and smacked right into the window and fell on the floor shaking his head in confusion. He was okay and I was about to pee myself rolling on the floor laughing. But what made it so funny was....

The dumb nut went and did it again. And only about ten minutes later.

I told you, he doesn't learn.
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I'm sorry I don't have much to add, but I understand where your coming from with the eating everything and just being a brat.....what can you do but love them even more because they are bad. We've got Beard who only goes at the garbage bag in the night time, he doesn't both with it during the day. And he has been know to eat dental floss out of the bathroom garbage...we now wrap it in a piece of toilet paper so he can't get at it....strange....but the most loveable kittie every. We pick him up and hold him like a baby and he just flops back.
I'll be reading the postings to get some ideas as well
Good luck.
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