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New Camera- what do you have?

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Well, my camera is really going down the drain. I've had it for about 3 years now, and the lens is cracked and I'm really sick of it! Its a Kodak EasyShare CX7300 and was awesome for what I needed it for, but now I'm looking for something bigger and better- something that takes good action shots with a good lens.

My price range is no more than $200ish. I'm starting to save up, and hopefully once I get a job, I'll be able to get a good one.

Any suggestions?
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I have a Canon PowerShot A95. I think that without any bells or whistles, it was either $199 or $299. But it's been dropped into beer at a party and still works!
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realy depends on what ya want do ya need zoom?i have a panosinic fz15 it has 12x optical zoom its a great camera if ya need zoom remember digital zoom is useless ya want optical
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I want it for mainly... taking action shots of Harley & Davidson, just good pictures in general for them as well, outdoor photography- action photograhy outdoors on the lake for boating/skiing/ect., for my brothers high school sports (football, baseball, track)

I want something with a good clear picture with a good zoom and lens.
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Well technically im not allowed to know about it, im getting it in a few days, Tristan bought it the other week for my bday and needed me to pick it out lol. But cant play with it till we go away. My current one is a Kodak i-like-to-fall-apart blablabla. The new one is this -> yay!
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I have an Olympus FE-110, 5 megapixel
Usually available at Costco or Sam's Club for around $200-$250.
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I have the Canon A430, and I love it Kenz!!
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if ya want good pics that are easy to take get a sony dsc n2 great camera
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this is what i have
i got it on sale for $250 maybe it cheaper now?
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Just the other day I saw this link in another thread and the site is VERY comprehensive. There are tons of cameras reviewed in your price range too. Not just high end professional ones. Hope you find one you like!
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I just bought a Canon Powershot A540 a few months ago and I love it! It has settings for pets and kids (faster shutter speed for action since both move alot) and lots of other neat settings and I think w/ a case and a 1g card for it I paid about $225.

My suggestion is to find a few you want then go to a good electronics store where they'll have display models you can play with. And if you can take someone with you and try to snap pics of them moving to test it out.
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Hubby works for Panasonic so we usually have a fairly recent model. He gets a new one each year at the employee sale.
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i've had mine for several years, but i like it. i bought it online. it's an Olympus Brio, but my model's been discontinued. i'd recommend the Olympus, tho - i've been very pleased with it. it's easy to use & i think it takes pretty good pix for a point-&-shoot camera.

eta: BTW, i did not pay the price listed at the link - i think i got it for about $150 less...
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I just bought my new easyshare (old one was an easyshare too) and so far I love it! I know a few other people who have the same camera and their prints are great.

This is the one I got...which I believe I got for less than what's listed because I got it without the printer:
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