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Suggestions for my cats' diet

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I have 4 cats. 3 females and a male. Presently their diet consists of Purina Friskies wet (of which I only feed them the prime filets, as much as I can tell by my own eye it certainly looks more appealing than the loaf food) and Nutro MaxCat dry.

The wet I feed them 2 cans in the morning and 2 cans again in the evening. The dry food is available at their leisure.

My first question is the quality of their diet ok?

The second question is more of a request for tips. The cats are a family unit. Two of the females and the male are the children of the female who decided to generously give kittens to me after I took her in.

The females all play and interact readily with each other. They are at a good weight for their size with very little excess fat.

The male on the other hand does not interact as much. It seems they just don't like to play with him. I don't think it really bothers him but the result is that he is slightly overweight. While it is not a big problem now I would like to prevent it from getting any worse. So, how would I go about encouraging him to lose some weight or at the very least keep him from getting more overweight? I play with him as I can and he loves to chase around his mice but that doesn't seem to provide him with the exercise the girls get chasing each other around.

Thanks in advance for any tips/suggestions.
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I have a similar situation. I have 4 cats, all the same age and one of the male kittens is putting on more weight than the others. But he is pretty active. My cats really like to chase the "feather dancer", which is a clump of feathers with a bell on the end of a plastic pole. It has a suction cup at the end of the plastic but I can't really get it to stick to anything long enough. You could put catnip on his toys, that is supposed to energize them.
I think the problem with my chunky male is that he hogs the food. Hopefully others will come along with more suggestions...
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Try a higher quality wet ( nutro max would be a good one to try)... many other high end brands are out there ... if you read the wet your feeding meat/ chicken or beef by product will be one of the first three ingrediants.. increasing quality and quanity of wet should help the wt issues without everyone loosing ... I agree a bit of excercise will also help....

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