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post ya comptuer specs

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i built this pc. i cant spend on the parts what i want to caue im cheap.but this pc has a amd x2 dual core cpu 3800 overclocked to 245x10 .it also has a 7600 gt video card. 1 gig a ram a hdtv card so i can watch hdtv on my pc a antec cases with a ultra power supply the mobo is a ecs there cheap but very very good
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cpu core2 2.93 x6800
2 gigs of ram
video: gforce 8800 gts 640mb
Asus mother board
dont like the on board sound,so still need to pick up one soon.
just picked up 22" LCD monitor couple of days ago.

case is just a normal case, no more neon lights, the last one , i end up uplugging or cutting the cable to them. just bulit it a couple of weeks ago
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Just a 3 year old Dell Dimension 8400
Hyperthreaded Pentium 3g
512Mb RAM (need at least one more stick)
Onboard sound (which is surprisingly decent)
ATI x800 (needs an upgrade badly)
200Gb Maxtor hard drive
Samsung DVD ROM drive
Samsung CDRW drive
17 inch wide screen flat panel

screwless pop open full tower case for easy hardware upgrades.
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alot of the onboard sounds cards are ok now. But for some reason this mother board sound card is only 8-bit. music sounds kinda flat
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One year old Dell Dimension XPS 600
Pentium D 930- 3.0 GHz
160GB hard drive
DVD ROM drive
DVD RW drive
Media card reader 13 in1
Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX- 256MB
Sound Blaster Audigy sound card
19" Sony flat panel monitor
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