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Urinary tract problems hope someone here can help!

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My cat Lucy was diagonsed with a bladder infection at the vets two weeks ago.She had what seemed like classic symptoms: using the litter box frequently,straining to go to the bathroom with no or very little urine presnt afterwards,crounching to go to the bathroom in various places in the house (again with little or no urine present) and some blood spotting.The vet prescribed an antiobiotic and I also have been cleaning out her litter boxes and disenfecting them twice a week so there would be no risk of infecting herself again.She seemed to be doing much better until today!She is exhibiting similar symptoms as when the infection first appeared (she is still taking the antibiotic twice a day)and I am not sure what is going on!Has anyone here expierenced anything similiar? If so what could be possibily be the problem?Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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It could be a few things, and you'll need to have your kitty in to your vets for a recheck exam to figure it out.

Possibilities...the cause of the infection is resistant/ not being cleared up by the antibiotic currently being used, or crystals are present and if no diet change, that has not been addressed and they are causing the difficulty in urination and discomfort, or kitty has cystitis...in any case, please take your cat back in for a followup exam asap.
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Thank you I will be taking her back to the vet today!
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This happened to our Beard. Except he had blockage....there are a few posts here that will help. I found that we needed to change the food - completely new dry and give more wet...This seems to have helped our kitty. Plus the second time we took him in the vet gave a different antibiotic. That seemed to work. (crossing fingers)
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My cat has very mild UTI problems, and I found that what helped was putting several water bowls all over the house. It quickly became evident that he wanted to drink water in one spot in the bedroom, not in the kitchen... just putting an extra bowl there significantly increased his water intake and has prevented another outbreak.
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What are you feeding the cat? My cat had urinary problems for over a month until I switched his food to Walham's SO. He would pee everywhere. Then I switched the food and -no more problems. Worked like a charm.
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BOTH my boys got crystals - NO warning - just a urinalysis with bloodwork on a check up.

Panther was switched to CD and then SO as he blocked and the FLUTD group on yahoogroups said SO was better.

THEN Ben got crystals, and HE refused to eat any RX UTI food or regular UTI food. I got Purina UR and he said OK and so BOTH my boys (and my CRF girl and my overweight girl) are on that. They STILL have very concentrated urine but no chrystals!
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Have the vet do a urinalysis and check for crystals. blockages can kill. I just nearly lost a cat do to blockage. she displays all the symptoms...
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UTI's can certainly recur. The bladder is sorta wrinkly when it's empty, and that can harbor the infective bacteria, often E coli.
Sometimes you need to treat your cat a few times before it's eliminated.
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