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Why do cats lick us?

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I am wondering why cats lick us? Is it affection? I've looked all over for this information, maybe someone here knows?

Just Curious!!

Sara & Spook
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I found this comment about licking humans

Originally posted by JacquieFaith
I have heard that cats think of us humans as big cats, so when they lick us they are treating us like their siblings. How cute is that???
I do not know if its true or not, but it sounds good
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That's what we were thinking. Spook is one year, and the gem of the family. She completed the "family unit" - and we figured her baths for us were her way of taking care of us too. It's a sweet thought, I hope that's true - and not that she thinks we are dirty and smell and can't stand us!!!
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Originally posted by MaineCoonRescue
A love bite hurts because you may pull away and the teeth are sharp! A lot of people don't know it's affection that they are receiving so they pull away.

Hold still and the cat will let go and then lick you.

I've always said that it's their way of hugging you!

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When Spook and I are playing and I am done, and want to love, I leave my hand and she always turns to licking!! I say, See you want to love now too..."

Side note : right after I responded to the last one I heard a light crash in the back of the apartment... In the bathroom, lights off, is Spook, perched on the side of the bathtub, in the corner where the curtain is barely open. She jumped in and meowed quietly to me, like "Cool, but where is my jingle ball? It's usually in here so I can roll it around!"
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I always thought they liked the oils on your skin. Jorin is constantly licking my chin, forehead, and nose, and I have very oily skin. (although I've noticed a few less pimples... hmmmm )
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Cats are very social creatures
grooming is a social thing, I love it when they include me into their social habbits,its very flattering.
Tish +
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Cats treat their owners in two different ways. Sometimes we are their kittens, such as when they bathe us and bring us something to eat.( like mice!) Other times we are their mommies-when they knead our stomachs or laps. Also, we taste a bit salty, and they like that. We are still their babies when they bathe and love bite us.
My male, Blueberry loves to "wash" me immediately after I put on bath powder. That's the only time, so I think he likes the taste!
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I just want to know why they like to like my face at 2am!

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That's better than having a tasty mouse put on your pillow at 2:00 !
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
That's better than having a tasty mouse put on your pillow at 2:00 !
did that happen to you?


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:mimouse: :paranoid3
Not really, just speculating!! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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i always thought it was because your skin tastes salty, and they like the taste.......

funny thing is, my older cat always licks my hands all over after handling my new kitten.......
maybe its territorial???
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We have 4 cats (almost 5, but the one cat goes away for a while, and sometimes returns), and the littlest one ALWAYS likes to lick you....not grooming like licking, licking like she needs something in her body that she's not getting from food. She has always done this, and she licks the other cats too...they don't seem to mind, so I guess it's not that bad. But whenever we let her in, she always licks your fingers, toes, legs, anything that is bare and free lol. Is she lacking anything? Should we be feeding her kitty food instead of cat food? She is the first cat that has done this...the other ones only lick your fingers when you have food on them. Any ideas as to why she does this? Thanks
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