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Sorry these pics are huge. I don't have any graphic editors installed at the moment. The pics were so big that if I put them in the actual post via the IMG tag, the website wouldn't scroll far enough to the right to view the whole thing.

Palas is the white kitten..formally named Sissa before the coconuts fell. He was just over 3mos when I got him and is now about 5 mos old. Yes, Palas is wearing a pink collar because I thought he was female!

DeeDee is the orange and white kitten. Vet says she is female (although the tag on her cage said male when I got her). I'll go with the vet's word on this one. She was 6wks when I got her and is now about about 9wks I think.
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I have to say the first week with both of them together was rough being that I thought Palas was a female and would take to a baby almost immediately. He did not...instead there was much hissing and growling. I had to shut DeeDee in the bathroom while I was at work and not home to protect her. Now, though, they are bonded. They sleep together and play together. Palas is really gentle with her when he plays with her. He doesn't use his whole body when he pins her. He realizes he can roll her and pin her with 1 paw haha. I even catch him jumping up and running away from her when she practices her pouncing. This is great!...since I've seen her run at him full throttle and throw her body at him and he doesn't even rock to the side when she hits him.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS! Your kitties are absolutely beautiful!!!
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Welcome to TCS! Your kitties are adorable!!
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Hello, my name is John, welcome to the site
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Awww Palas is so adorable!!!

But then again I have a soft spot for White Kitties

DeeDee is so small!
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welcome to TCS...o my wat gorgeous kitties u have I cant wait to see more photos see u on the forums
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ARG! I just typed a huge long but for some reason when I went to send it it said I wasn't logged in and then when I logged in my reply message was blank

Ok, to summarize, I was saying thank you so much for the warm welcome I'm Liz and I'm 26yrs old. Palas, DeeDee, and I live in Indiana. I work as a computer technician at the college I also attend for an IT degree.

I used to think I was a dog person but decided that not having outdoor space made my apartment unsuitable for a dog. So I got Palas instead. Palas had just been seperated from his littermate who had been rescued about an hour before I arrived. So he was crying when I got there and cried for almost a week after getting him home. He would even find me in my bed in the middle of the night and stand over me and cry poor baby. But after that stopped, he was sooooo playful and energetic when I got home from a 9-10hr day of work/school. I tried playing with him for a little bit but it just wasn't enough to use up his energy I guess I don't have the energy of a 3 mo/old kitten. So I decided to get DeeDee which was a territorial issue for Palas at first but now I believe I made the right choice when I see them grooming each other, sleeping together, and playing and chasing each other.

Right at the end of my message I was going on about how I removed more than 30 adult fleas from DeeDee's 6" little body the night I rescued her. It took me close to half an hour and I had to keep rewarming the sink water for her. I ended up using a pair of cuticle cutters to remove snippets of matted hair with a flea stuck in it as DeeDee was biting and scratching the *beep* out of me the entire time. Thankfully she was too weak to pierce my skin with her teeth. She had to have been anemic from all those fleas on such a tiny body The vet also said she was under weight for her age.

Here is a picture of her passed out in her drying towel after the whole flea removal ordeal:

That is her face poking out of her towel that is stuffed into a cat bed with high sides. Poor little muffin

I'll make these pics smaller so I can embed them into the post this weekend when I have time to find and install my graphic editing program. I look forward to seeing you all and your kitties in the forums

PS. There will definitely be more photos!

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and a big hello to you and your cutie-pie kits Its great that they get on so well now, I always remember feeling terrible when we introduced a kitten, they always seemed to come of the worst but it doesnt really take long before they settle

Anyway, its great to have you here - enjoy the forums !
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!.....)

See you on the forums!
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Hi Liz! Welcome to TCS! It's wonderful to have you and your furfamily with us!! DeeDee is just so small.....what a cutie!!
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What sweet kittens. Your photo of DeeDee was so big, It was hard to find her in that towel! What a cute little face.
How are her fleas now?
Isn't it amazing when the two kittens start to get along, grooming each other, play fighting, etc.?
I work long days at work as well. That's why I got a second cat. I feel much less guilty being away from home now.
You can get a Photobucket account and post your photos using that. I shrink them using Iphoto or photoshop before I put them on Photobucket. There is a thread at the top of this forum that tells you how.
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Hiya and welcome to TCS - it is the friendliest place I know!!!! Your little babies are so lovely!!
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Hi & welcome to TCS! Your babies are really adorable! How wonderful that after everything they've been through that they have found you and each other.

If you have any questions as you find your way around the site, please feel free to click on my username and send me a private message. I'll do what I can to answer your questions.
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Hi welcome to TCS! Beautiful babies!
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Welcome Palas, DeeDee, and Meowmy,

to TheCatSite and yes, those are HUGE pix -- thanks for sharing them with us! What adorable kittens -- pink collar and genderbending and all! We love multicat families here, as you can see -- all nine of us were rescued from the streets or the desert, and we're all indoor-only, spayed and neutered of course! The eldest, Nicolas, was also "ambiguous" when he first showed up, and started out named Pepita until he had his first checkup -- voila! Nicolas T. Cat is born! We thank you for rescuing Palas and DeeDee, and look forward to seeing you on the forums -- enjoy!
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