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Myee is nesting!

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My beautiful snow spotted Bengal Queen is days away from delivery . I can hardly sleep with excitement! She is in front of the log burner at the moment blissful unaware of what is to come or is she ? Im new to the forums so hello to all. Hope to be an active member.
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Hello Bengal Babe!
Thats great news that Myee is getting ready for whats to come!
Im sure you'll find all the help you need between in this forum, and if you need advice about the actual birth you can visit the pregnant cats and kittens forum where everyone will be more than happy to help.
You are going to have your hands full in a few days time thats for sure! I hope you will post pictures for us all to see your (sorry Myee's!!) beautiful babies!
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Welcome and Congratulations
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We want pictures, we want pictures - before birth and after birth
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
We want pictures, we want pictures - before birth and after birth

Welcome to the site, it seems everyone else has covered what I was going to say, but I also wanted to say welcome to TCS !!! It is very helpful indeed

Well Congrats
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Thanks everyone, I couldnt edit the post title , it should be Mylee, she gets bigger by the moment lol.She is spending more time laying down now so I will get some pics tomorrow - have been busy the last few days as I also breed whippets and have a litter ready for new homes so they keep me busy waited in all evening for a timewaster, dont you just hate them? ! especially when u have turned away genuine people to make time for them. I also have a stud farm but no foals due this year . . . thank heavens.
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OHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE whippets! Pics of pups too? I bred and showed the cornish rex; which is the whippet of the cat world
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Hi GoldenKitty,
the whippets are super to have around, they get on well with the Bengals the Bengals tolerate them lol ,I also have 6 domestic cats, they curl up with the dogs and its one big happy family,Mylee is staying in her box alot more now.
The cornish rex are unusual, have seen them at shows.
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We always referred to the rexes as part poodle (curly fur) and part greyhound (body build)
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Congratulations on your soon-to-mom Mylee - and your new litter of whippets! Welcome to the site - and yes, pictures are fun!
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