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Welcome My New Baby, Duke!

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I don't want to clog up this box with tons of pictures of my babies. However, I could not get a picture of all four of them today; they were more playful than usual! But Dukie likes to just stand and stare at me, so he's easy to photograph! This picture is of Duke, the runt of the litter with the eye that is slowly healing.
More about Lucie, Major, and Max later (not to mention my two other four month old kitties)!

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That is one cute baby!!
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What a little doll! Can't wait for more pics. Don't worry about posting too many - we can never have too many kitty pics!!!
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VERY cute baby!!!
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There is no such thing as clogging up any of our forums with pictures. We all love seeing them!
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Tonight I went outside to feed Duke and his brothers and sister, and saw a copperhead nearby! Luckily, they are closed in at all times when I am not nearby, and the snake cannot get to them. It scared me to death thought! I have been planning on putting pictures of the others up- they are just as cute as Duke, but a little more spazzy. They like to attack their mommy (me!) when we play in the afternoons. Thanks for sharing in my love for my new babies- they are now off of their medicine they were taking (in the behavior forum I sought help for their distemper/mom stealing them away) and looking so furry and happy. More pictures soon!
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I'm glad to hear the kitties are on the mend. ^_^
And don't worry about the amount of pictures....there's never too many.
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Oh, he's such a cutie! :tounge2:

We want more kitten pictures!!!
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Hi,.I wanted to tell you just how precious your Duke is,..I just adopted another little one,..she is simply adorable!!!!I will post some pictures of all of them,.when I get them developed,..(I have to scan the pictures),.no camera as yet/
Thanks for sharing your picture of Duke,.he is so cute in his picture,..he also looks like he is deep in thought in this picture too!!!What a cutie!!
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What a cutey
Look forward to seeing more piccies...don't hold back...lol
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Duke is so big now!He looks like a real cat. He has a toy kitty that looks just like him, and he loves it- he attacks it and sleeps with it. He is sooo precious. He makes his mama happy!
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HI,You cannot believe this amazing little girl,.she likes to play in the sink,..I was lying in bed late one night & thought that I heard water running somewhere in the house,.not just dripping,.but actually running,.well,.I got up & looked in the master bath,.& sure enough,.she had turned on the cold water facet,.& was drinking some "fresh" water right out of the facet,.now tell me something,.how in the world did she know which one was the cold water????She also likes to play in my glass of water(I usually bring one to bed with me),.I stood back & watched to see what she'd do,.well,.first,.she put one paw in it,.as if to ck the temp,..???then,.proceeded to wash her face,.then did the same with the other one,.oh,.before this,.she tasted it,..!!!She is so funny,.& so lovable,.such a bright & very healthy & active little addition to our household,..I am so thankful for her,..Tlea
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