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Homemade Cat Toys?

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What have you guys creatively come up with? Well I take a piece of foil about as long as 10x10 and crumple it up medially tight. Then I roll it around and my armani is a loser for it. Haha, as a guy i never thought Id have so much compassion for a cat. Just make sure you have supervision as they might try to bite the foil ball and etc.
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Rosie will play with anything from a small foil ball to a pea pod!
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I worry to much to let mine have foil. I have made yarn pom pom balls for Sho but those are slowly being destroyed by Tomas, being a kitten he just has to shred stuff and leave a huge mess. I've made little "pillows" and given them messed up stuffed animal arms and legs that didn't turn out right, those work well and are fuzzy. Though it looks like someone dismembered a stuffed animal all over the floor when all the various pieces are together.

Yarn balls have met much the same fate as the pom poms, except Tomas kindly wrapped the yarn around every chair and table leg in the dinning room.
Both kitties enjoy milk rings, plastic bottle caps, and stolen pens too .
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