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Another huge milestone with Ferris!

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I just HAVE to share this with you guys, I know you can appreciate this more than anyone else I could tell!

Last night when I came home from work, I was getting ready to go into the kitchen to give my kits their wet supper, and as per usual, Ferris was talking up a storm at me, like he does every night when I come in.

I assumed that he was asking for food or treats, again, as per his usual behavior, so I told him to go on ahead into the kitchen so I can give him and Ginger their supper.

Instead of running on ahead of me as he usually does, he stopped short in front of me, looked back up at me over his left shoulder and meow-meow-meowed up at me, without moving forward one tiny bit.

So I reached down and picked him up, settling him into my arms and supporting his feet and bottom - thinking to myself, this won't last, as he usually tries to get away after about 5 seconds of being held - and then I carried him all the way into the kitchen!!!

And better yet - he actually relaxed back into my chest as I carried him!

I then quickly put him down onto the top of their jungle gym, before he started to act like he wanted to get down, because I wanted it to be a completely positive experience for him. At this point, my heart was simply BURSTING with joy!!!

I think he's really coming to trust me!!!!

That's one of the best birthday presents anyone could give me this year!
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Ferris is coming so far!! I still love his furry orange ears!!

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That is a milestone worth sharing!!
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YAY Ferris!!!! He knows his meowmy loves him!!
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Gosh, that is so great! I can certainly understand your excitement and wanting to share - I would too! WTG Ferris. You'll have a velcro kitty before you know it.
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I'm so happy that he is coming around, Betsy!
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Yay!! This deserves a celebration!
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That's great! He's clearly turning into a chilled out cat and knows his meowmy loves him.
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Alright my little Ferris, way to go little man!!!
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That is huge!!! He actually asked you to pick him up-amazing. WTG Ferris
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Yay Ferris! You made your Meowmie soooo proud!
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