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Yes, my DD is going to be 3!! Where has the time gone? I did end up inviting my brother to her party as well. Heres the email I sent him:

Just wanted to tell you that you are invited to
> Kadys bday party on Sunday, whether or not you show
> up, thats your decision, but I know if you ask her
> whos gonna be at her party, your one of the first
> ones mentioned.
> One more thing, you and I know lifes too short to
> stay mad at one another. And no matter what-I do
> love you!!
> M

And heres what I got in return:

I love you too.

You should call and apologize to Jen for cussing at
her. She had nothing to do with this.......

LOL, I cussed his wife out on the phone afer all that happened with my brother and hubby, because I felt like she lied to me when this was happening, so it upset me.