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You've got to be kidding.....

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I got home last night and in talking to one of my neighbors, found out this.

One of the people who lives on our corner had her son living with her, but not registered with the office. He "stole" her car and in coming down the street to make the left turn to head for the main gate, lost control of the vehicle.

He slammed into one trailer, cut across the yard, slammed into the second trailer, pushing a vintage car 6 inches into the trailer, before backing out, leaving a trail of oil and tried to head out the gate.

The first trailer he hit belonged to a 97-year old lady named Hildy. She is very independent and loves living alone, altough her family is very worried because she has fallen a few times. Her trailer frame was knocked out two FEET and all the blocks were knocked over. Her trailer has been condemned and she can no longer live there.

The second trailer belongs to a girl couple and their vintage car was only three months away from being paid off when he pushed it through their trailer. THEIR trailer is condemned, their car is a shambles and their insurance company told them they were not covered for damages because they were hit by a car.

I am so afraid for Hildy though. Her familiy has decided to put her in an assisted living place and I will bet anything that she will be gone in 6 months.

No wonder I couldn't sleep last night.
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What a crock of crap for them!!!! Hopefully someone will have to pay for things to be repaired. And poor Hildy...
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That's just awful. It's terrible how one person's bad choices can negatively impact so many innocent people.
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That is awful! I worry a bit about stuff like that because of all the yahoos living around here with our houses only a foot or so from the road. Mo-ronS!
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Awful just awful.

Sending good thoughts and prayers for everyone...especially for sister Hildy

Hilda >^..^<
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I guess one of the people who live on the first street have a little trailer and they are going to sell it to Hildy so that she can stay in the park.

The girl couple have a bit more trouble. Their insurance will NOT pay for their damages and the manater of the park is throwing the boy's mother out as of Monday. The boy who caused all this is in jail.

There is some confusion as to whether he "stole" the car or not and I don't understand how the manager can throw HER out, when HE was the one that did the damage. SHE made it a point to share her insurance information with everyone. I really think there is something else going on here.

Anyway, the girl couple will live in mom's trailer, they will be here in two weeks, stay for two months and then leave again, so at least they are out of the weather and they and their kitty are safe.

You just never know.
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That is so infuriating, what an idiot that did that!!
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What an idiot! I hope they have some way of getting some restitution out of him! Doesn't sound like it though!
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
What an idiot! I hope they have some way of getting some restitution out of him! Doesn't sound like it though!
The mother's automobile insurance should take care of it.
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that is unfortunate, hope someone's insurance deals with this mess. sending good vibes to them all.
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That is aweful! I will keep Hildy in my prayers - i hope everything works out for her and she winds up getting into the other trailor. Keep us updated!
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Thats horrible! I am glad hildy can stay in the park..poor sweet dear.
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Words fail me! Idiot!! But I think you are right - there is a story behind it.
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