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Hemingway House

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Has anyone been to Ernest Hemingway's house in Key West, FL? I will be in Key West for a day in March and I definitely want to go there! I'd love to hear your experiences.
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Yeppers! Dh kept making fun of the TV staged in the house and other objects that weren't around Ernest's time. I was more attracted to the cats. We walked all of Duval St on the hottest day there. I wanted to hang with the kitties outside and he wanted to be in by the fans. We got there just before closing. So many cute kitties. I was watching them play and roll around in the sun.

Did you go to Mallory Square to see the sunset shows? There is a crazy cat guy. I can't explain what he does, you just have to see yourself. Before the show his kitties were walking around free. We didn't show they were show cats until later.
Here is some pictures. They are too big to post in the thread.

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Thanks for the pictures! We will be there on a cruise that leaves at 4pm, so we won't get to see the crazy cat guy at sunset. Oh well.
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