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Stormie Keeps throwing up :(

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Hi everyone, it is going to be a looong night for me because Stormie started to throw up last night, but she only did it once and it was her food, so I was thinking that she just ate too fast, but tonite it started again and it is liquid And I am really worried now, its been a few times tonite, and everytime she goes to go potty she throws up in the litterbox too and her poo looks normal i am guessing but she keeps like making that gagging noise and sometimes stuff comes up and sometimes not, she isnt acting sick that much because she isnt sneezing or anything, but she does have a litter stuck up her nose i seen that her one eye has appearently been runny a little bit (it ws dry and stuff and I never seen it visible dry ) Also we changed the food a few days ago, but she was doing fine, I seen her eating dry food early and I did bring up the wet food but she took maybe two bites thats eat, and well stormie is a pig when it comes to wet food Could this all be because of the food change well wet food change or could it be a hairball? And what about this litter up the nose ?? I am just so worried and everytime tonite it seems she is doing better she does it again, I told my mom she threw up again tonite and it was liquid and my mom said it might be from the food change but then I thought about it and I have been feeding her the wet food for a few days now why would it start now? She is sitting on top of mama guniea pigs cage now, and was looking at the wall chasing something but now baby is moving his box in his cage so stormie looks like shes ready to play, today she was out all day and this only seems to happen at night but she was playing today and being her bully self, also she is teething I do believe so could this also be something, I am going to keep my eye on this for one more night and then I guess I will have to call vets, but hopefully it doesnt need to come to that the vets is too stressful. Could this also be a hairball that was caught and didnt want to come up? She is a medium haired kittie!!!

ETA: Stormie hasnt thrown up since I made this post which that is really good, I am hoping that it wasnt anything major, these cats never let me sleep anymore I swear they make me worry way to much
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((((stormies mommy)))). I was up cause one of my cats and just had to respond. you give any hairball remedies? For some reason all mine have hariballs over course of a few days(shurgs) sorry really don't have any other advice. hope you two are able to get some sleep
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I am such a worrier that I'd take her to the vet. Please let us know how things are this morning! I am praying for you.
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Cats barf. They're very good at it.
Some for no reason.
Some for real reasons.

What I do is look at the overall sypmptoms.

Is it more than once a day? Is it every day?
Are they eating/drinking/pooping/have energy, etc.

If all other symptoms are normal I would wait and see if it passes. Any other symptoms along with the barfing and I'd take the cat to the vet. Saki barfed for almost 3 months straight last year but had no other symptoms. The vet could not figure it out, and them miraculously he stopped and hasnt barfed since.

Yeah cats are wierd.
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My cat has the same issue. He is a longhair like Stormie, so we suspected a hairball issue. We give him about a half inch of hairball remedy in a tube every day. That sort of helped, but occasionally I'd find a barf on the rug. (WHY do they never puke on the bare floor where it's easier to clean?!)
We give our cats Eukanuba for sensitive stomachs now, and no more puking at all.
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Well Stormie only vommitted this morning once and it wasnt much, and she is eating and everything her stomach is just a little upset, shes not eating as much , but her poop is normal i did check that last night, there is no sneezing and just the throwing up but there hasnt been any tonite, I am still monitering her, my mom still thinks it could have been a hairball caught in her throat so I am hoping that thats it, and its all done. I went to bed at around 6:30 am and I woke up after 10 am and that was the last time she threw up and it wasnt much, shes acting like herself so imma wait and see what tonite bring us, but I just wanted to update u all and thanx everyone we do sometimes have to get food for willie for hairballs too because he is a loong hair cats are weird wat can i say but there are no other symptoms besides the little upset stomach, like i said when she threw up in the litter box last night I did check her poo and it was normal or well as normal as it could be and stinky too
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well its been a full day and I havent seen any throw up, so thats good and I am hoping that stormie is fine, I am a worrier and my mom keeps making fun of me for it, because she was sleeping anytime i seen her today(stormie) and well I said why isnt she so active like she used to be and my mom was like her and Tessa were chasing each other up here earlier thats who it was so I hope my moms right and if so then that means stormie is warming up to the other kitties now, and man is this teething driving me nuts, I am also thinking is it possible that she swallowed a tooth and it just didnt agree with her stomach or something??? But like i said her poo was normal and still is, I am checking like crazy, and well she is sleeping now and she LOVES her new cat tree (at first I had to put her up on it and she is on it sleeping so high in the room now ) So for the most part shes back to herself, I am just going to try different food as well they seemed to eat almost all of the meow mix wet, any other wet i give them they barely touch so it looks like I am going to be shopping tomarrow but for the most part she is doing better
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I am glad that Stormie is feeling better.
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Glad Stormie seems to be doing better. Could just be upset stomach.
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