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Uh oh, Tomas is getting hungry

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I'm sure he's going to get revenge tonight

He's off to be neutered in the morning and at the moment knows that Sho's chowing down on wet food in the kitchen.
I'm getting jumped on! "FEEEEED MEEE!"

I'm a little worried about tomorrow though, this will be the first time he's been completely alone, without a person or Sho to keep him company, since I found him. Just locking him out of the room without one of us upsets him terribly.

...and there went a stack of cds he's turned into problem kitten when hungry.
Isn't it that they turn into monsters if you feed them after midnight, not the other way around? Wait, that's gremlins ... gremlins, kittens.. same thing, right? They're both deceptively cute.
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i can understand Eazy goes friday morning, to get his done. I am of course a little worried. he is suck a little pig. wants his food and heyu food both. So i can bet the trouble he will cause.

like most of us here, we worry about them. It are job to take care of them.
I found eazy hiding outside my house a few months ago, i dont know if someone dropped him off or he just got away from someone. But i almost worry he will think, i am just dropping him off again like his last human did
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I found mine alone outside when he was 10 weeks old, he didn't belong to any of the nearby neighbors. Sadly, I live in a cat dump area.
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sounds about the same age as eazy was when i found him. He had a collar on and name that said harry but no address or phone number. he was already liter boxed trained. understood No etc. I checked all the locals(which for me is about 200 yards away. No one said they had lost a cat.

a few weeks after i found him i saw a story about a guy nera where i live that was taking cats in his area and just dumping them off i am about 10 miles from where that was. SO i kinda wonder if that is not where eazy came from..
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That's awful! The guy was stealing obviously owned cats. Of course, a kitten shouldn't be outside alone anyways
Someone's loss and your gain, I suppose. Hope your's does ok at the vet and doesn't make your life too terrible when you have to take the food away the night before.
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well, i will be at work during the night, i will just go home and pick him up and take.
the problem will be staying awake to go back and get him at 4. The males they send home the same day.

how about Tomas do you get to bring him home or do they keep him over night?
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Same day, I'm going to cheat and have my MIL pick him up since the vet is in the next town over and she'll already be there around 5pm.
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I hope the fixing goes well for all of yinz...i was already there a month ago and well let me tell u the night before was NOT FUN at all I heard meow meow feed me now meow meow and alot of things got knocked over to get my attention too I also got to pick stormie up the same day, i never knew they kept females over night, we always got to bring ours home later that day and we have gone to several places over the years....hmm???!!! The mystery But Good luck for the nuetering for thomas and for Eazy keep updating !!! Also when we got Stormie fixed we ended up bring Blue home that same day too (but she was already fixed about a month before that and we also put Tessa on hold until she got fixed ) but good luck
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