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Tasty canned food?

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Can anyone recommend a good canned cat food? I've been feeding my cats Fancy Feast and lately they've just been turning their nose up at it and walking away. This is getting pretty expensive because I end up throwing away several cans of food at a time and they end up having nothing to eat.

What does your cat eat?
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Check these out!

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My cats absolutly go nuts over Active Life...even my boy who usually only takes a few licks of the canned food finishes his plate when I give them Active Life. Petguard and Felidae also seem to be more prefered by them over the other brands of canned I give.
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My kitties love Whiskas canned food!
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3kitties, when I first got Russell I bought the food pouches before buying canned versions of the pouches, it's cheaper and it let me figure what he did and didn't like.

And it turned out he liked everything, those these days he does try to be fussy but I don't budge. I leave the food there and he meows at me but he goes back to it. But I have always noticed that he liked the gravy ones better.

If you've just changed to Fancy Feast from what your kitties were eating before, they just might not like Fancy Feast.
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Tiri goes nuts for Felidae.
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