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Singa is irritating!

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Singa is annoying me big time!

After we moved I kept her out of the bedroom because she always woke me in the middle of the night licking my hair or just standing on my chest etc. She doesn't have a 'regular' alarm like other cats. She will just come for loving whenever she feels like it. Be it at 3 am or at 4 or at 5 or at 6.... usually more than once at night!!!

After I started locking her out of the room she was very ok with the situation and never disturbed our sleep (with meowing and scratching).. then at some point she started just scratching and a bit of wining around the time I usually get up (fine! I can live with that I thought).... but now! several times a night scratching and extremely loud and desperate crying!!! I tried it with stroking her to calm her, even carrying her on my arms like a young child so that she can snuggle her face next to my head... and since all this didnt work out... I also tried it with just opening the door and scolding her... but now she will run off as soon as I open the door... just to come back after 10 minutes and start the whole thing all over again!

What to do???? I really ran out of options... even if I get her to stop scratching she will still be crying.... and if I leave the door open she will be jumping all over me!!!!

I seriously haven't slept well in 3 weeks!!!
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It sounds like you need to have a talk with her.......You can't blame her for being lonely and denied of snuggles n comfort with the one she loves to sleep with! Here is something to consider, do you spend one on one time with her before going to bed? Play with her, rub and pet her, maybe brush her, give her so much attention that she actually wants to get away from you! Do your usual routine before going to sleep, close her out if this has been consistent. When she starts meowing, scratching aggressively at the door, open the door. If she runs off leave it slightly open. If she is still there firm voice but not scolding " if I let you in its to sleep, no more play...I need sleep" She should already see the closing her out as a punishment, letting her back in is a second chance. You have to allow her to understand what it is she is doing that is inappropriate for correction. If she goes back to original pouncing on you while you are sleeping, then scold her as you did for scratching at door, if she ran off then this should be enough to get the point across to let you sleep. Except now she has the option to snuggle up on the bed, not disturb you, and sleep without being alone, locked out of room.
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I am planning on getting a companion for Singa (a little kitten) and I was hoping that she then doesn't feel so lonely anymore. Of course she is extremely lonely as she will only see me in the evening before I go to bed for a couple of hours (unless I have some engangement in the evening and can't be home till late). But even then I will take 15 min minimum to play and cuddle with her before I go to bed.

But I really would like to keep her (them both later) out of the bedroom, as I have an extremly light sleep and even their purring wold wake me.
And with a second kitten coming up I am afraid it will get even harder for me to find sleep.

Isn't there a way to keep her quiet and satisfied outside of the room... I know it is hard on her. She is 1.5 now and for over a year she was allowed to roam as she wished, but I just can't take it anymore.

Will a companion help or will they both come scratching???
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"Curiosity killed the cat", keep them from something and they want it even more! It is more likely that she will quiet down if she is allowed in the bedroom when you sleep. Who knows, she may even decide that it isn't comfortable for her to sleep with you! I am the same way, very light sleeper.....When Maia walks on me or sticks her face in mine purring, I either scoop her up close to me under the covers or don't respond, she curls up and sleeps with me, or goes off on her own. It's better then howling and scratching, god knows what they will do behind closed doors!
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My first cat Kitty used to keep me up at night too. It bugged the $&*% out of me because I could not get a good nights rest and I got cranky at work.

Then I knew a family whose cat just had a litter and they needed to give them away. There was this adorable orange one that was soo cute.

I thought it was perfect because now Kitty can have a companion so she can leave me alone at night. It worked, she doesn't bother me at night however Kitty and her brother like to wrestle at night and get rambunctious.

So maybe a companion for Singa might be good? It's also nice when you are away from home so she doesn't feel lonely.
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