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Sinus Agony!

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My head (face) and nose (mostly from blowing it) hurts. i cant breath(with my mouth closed) ive gone through a whole box of tissues today. i think i have sneezed about 9,124,928,573,465,971,401 times today and now i cant sleep.. i have used a warm pack on my face that helped as long as the pack was warm . i also have a vaporizer going with vicks in it. i feel miserable. what do yall do besides sleeping sitting up to help you get some sleep when your sinus get infected.

btw.... i did take medicine but it hasn't help much
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Definitely try a sinus wash, or sinus rinse:

Someone else is having sinus problems, too:

Cheers, from

p.s. Hope you feel better soon!
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If you are still awake here is something you can try. Take a alka seltzer cold that disolves in water. Then take a long hot shower and drink some de-cafinated hot tea. I used to do this when I would get sinus infections. Also if you have not gone to the doctors already you may need to be on perscription medicine for the infection and the congestion.
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Sinus problems stink, that's for sure!! Hang in there Hon!
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Hope you get to feeling better soon!
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Thanks everyone i am feeling alot better. thankfully it is getting better and i didnt run a fever and the "crud" didnt move into my throat or lungs. last thing i need right now is a fight with bronchitus(sp) i do feel alot better and actually got to sleep a full night last night. thanks again for the well wishes
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I firmly believe that dry air is the main cause of sinus irritation in the winter. The vaporizer will help but constant use of humidifiers is highly recommended. Walmart has 1gal size for $20. They're easy to handle and fill at kitchen sink. Ginger tea is an excellent remedy for all things upper-respiratory. Those nasal breathing strips are great, too, when you can't breathe thru your nose.

I hope you get better real fast.
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I hate sinus headaches but inherited them from dad.

I have to sleep nearly sitting up but have 6 pillows on my bed to prop me up so I don't have to sit in a chair. Hot compresses are great as well as keeping the room very dark and a blanket over your eyes. Really bad sinus headaches are a lot like migraines and what works for them seems to help for sinus.

I hope you feel better soon!
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Hot compresses really do work...I just take a washcloth, wet it, and pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, and cover my face or forehead with it. Do this while you're taking a bath, using some mentholated baby bath (Johnson and Johnson makes a good one), and drink some nice green tea with honey. And don't forget those Sudaphed tablets!
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Wow, thats alot of sneezes

I'm glad you are feeling a little better
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Wow, thats alot of sneezes
haha well thats what it felt like...... just have a little sniffle now nothing a good box of tissues dont take care of.. thanks again for the well wishes EVERYONE
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I am glad you are feeling better. I usually take tons of advil sinus and sleep sitting up also. I have tried a hot rag but I would sneeze so much that I would give up. Cold air also helps.
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I find Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger tea great for colds, flu and sinus stuff. I also drink Lipton's Cup of Soup, chicken noodle flavor. Yep, it's awful, and full of salt, but that's what blasts out that cogestion. I'm having sinus trouble myself today, and a terrible headache. Also, a wash washcloth over your facial/sinus area helps. A friend gave me a sweet little curled up kitty sinus relief thingy--it has a sachet of lavender and chamomile inside the kitty, and is sized to put on your face (you can chill/heat the sachet).

Glad you're better!

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